hello wordl 6-7-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in three. It’s my first finish in three in two days. The last time I solved a puzzle in three guesses was Sunday, June 4.


Greetings, Wordle enthusiasts! Today, we embark on yet another thrilling Wordle adventure, our minds brimming with anticipation and our lexicons primed for discovery. Join me as we unravel the enigmatic puzzle before us and celebrate the triumph of linguistic prowess.

With enthusiasm and determination, I entered the realm of the June 6 Wordle puzzle. Armed with the knowledge gained from previous encounters, I embarked on my first guess: “GRIFT.” The puzzle responded, unveiling the letters “R,” “F,” and “T” in their rightful places. Encouraged by this initial progress, I knew we were on the right track.

Undeterred by the challenge, I ventured forth with my second guess: “DRAFT.” I believed I had uncovered the secret with only two guesses to spare. Alas, the puzzle teased us by revealing the letter “A,” but the first correct letter eluded us. We were tantalizingly close, yet not close enough.

With determination ablaze, I summoned my linguistic prowess and made my third and final guess: “CRAFT.” The puzzle relented, conceding to our efforts as the letters aligned harmoniously. “CRAFT” appeared before our eager eyes, a testament to our unwavering dedication and the power of deduction.

In just three guesses, we unraveled the mystery of the June 6 Wordle puzzle, discovering the word “CRAFT” and celebrating our linguistic triumph. Each guess brought us closer to our goal, revealing the intricate dance of letters that lay hidden within.

Let us bask in the satisfaction of our victory, savoring the joy that accompanies each solved puzzle. Through Wordle, we hone our analytical skills, expand our vocabulary, and strengthen the bonds of our vibrant community.

As we reflect on our linguistic adventure, let us revel in the wonders of language and the thrill of cracking the code. Together, we navigate the intricate labyrinth of words, united by our shared love for wordplay and our unwavering pursuit of intellectual challenge.

Join me in celebrating our victory over the June 6 Wordle puzzle. Let us applaud the power of words, the magic of deduction, and the camaraderie forged within our Wordle community.


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