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I'm a guy living the #raabidfun lifestyle. I figured I would create a blog about crossword puzzles I do. The idea is to do the NYT crossword and the WSJ crossword daily as much as I can. That includes when I don't finish and have clearly failed. They can be difficult. Also I am not an attorney, and any legal analysis in this blog reflects my interpretation, which means it can be flawed and should not be relied upon for use in legal matters (especially against me).

NYT Spelling Bee 9-17-20 final

This one is in the books. A little beyond the minimum for genius.

Final score: 32 words for 111 points.

I don’t blame myself for missing FLATFOOT, FLOODWALL, FOOTFALL, and FOOTWALL yesterday. Chrome gives me a red squiggly for floodwall and footwall, so I call shenanigans on that.

OFFLOAD and TWOFOLD are words I should have gotten.

Now for the next puzzle.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-17-20

I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to the Spelling Bee today, so if I get to genius at all, I probably won’t push beyond the minimum. I’ve been spending part of the day baking challah for Rosh Hashana.

There are a few words that I wish I could use but that don’t include the middle letter. FILLUP, for example, is something I think of in the automotive sense but actually is a really expensive water bottle with a bottom-facing spout. Same with FULLUP, which I equate to SRO but actually is a Belgian company that deals with fuel levels. I would have thought those would be reversed. Except for the water bottle. I mean $130 can get you more than three bottles of Laphroaig 10 Year.

I’ll post a little later with what I hope will be on the other side of this dot.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-15-20

So yesterday the word I missed was GOOGOL. I won’t be forgetting that one again.

Today I decided to try something else, since I had gotten so close to finishing everything. I figured I’d try to get everything today. Ambitious, I know. It likely will be unsuccessful, but why not?

So far I’ve gotten beyond the minimum genius level. I’m at 46 words for 172 points.

It’s a shame that COCKATOO does not include the center R.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-14-20 update

After the earlier post, I had a breakthrough and got way beyond the minimum genius level.

I happened upon a tweet of someone who got all the answers to today’s puzzle, and that meant I saw the max count and score. I would have preferred not to see that, but I can’t unsee it, either.

That led me to keep pounding away, and now I have a single word left, and I don’t know what it is. I’m tearing out my hair because I know there’s just one more, and I haven’t yet gotten it.

And it’s not GALAGA, which is also a shame.

I’ve blacked out the total since I’ve disclosed the above information.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-14-20

Argh! I am struggling today. And I feel like I’m in GAOL and can’t get out.

So far I only have 12 words for 26 points. I don’t know if it’s the poor air quality or the terrible Costco hold music, which apparently I can get tired of dancing to and trying to pick out on my guitar with increasing success. It’s no Opus No. 1.

I must be able to have a breakthrough somewhere and some point, but it’s hasn’t happened so far.

There’s no GOOGOO, there’s no GABAGOOL, there’s no BLAGO, and while I was tempted to get him to say how angry he was, I’m not going to shell out $80 for him to record that.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-13-20 final

I crossed the plane with TUTTI.

That reminds me of a story from college:

My college roommate Darren and I were walking from our dorm to the dining commons across campus for late night food, as that was the only one open for a meal close to midnight.

As we walked on the path past the lagoon on the UCSB campus, Darren seemingly out of nowhere said, “Tutti frutti.”

This seemed out of character because I had not heard Darren say that before, talkative as he might be.

I asked for clarification. He gestured to a cardboard box.

“Tutti Frutti,” he repeated.

“Oh,” I said, having only then seen the packages label.

To our disappointment, the box was empty. But we continued on to dine on soft serve, grilled cheese, fries, etc.

That led to our investigation into the name of the flavor. It was brief. It just means all fruits.

Final score: 25 words for 117 points.

Next puzzle starts in a minute.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-13-20

That TAURI isn’t an acceptable word is a lot of bulls!

With ULTRA in there, it would seem like possibilities are endless. But they’re not.

I’m at 20 words for 104 points.

The smoke from the fires is getting to me. My eyes hurt. My head aches. I gotta power through this one, but it’s so much tougher than it should be.