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NYT Crossword 12-5-22 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 15A Last car on classic trains: CABOOSE because it reminded me of the time I went to the CMSt.P&P railyard in Cle Elum, Washington. I’ve written about it before, but as a reminder, I was in Cle Elum for the financial audit of a resort, and I got to see this park that had a bunch of old cabooses. Some had platforms to walk up to them, and I tried the doors without success. Only years later–when I was writing the blog post about it–did I learn that the doors I had been trying were the doors to hotel rooms. I don’t know if anyone was in those hotel rooms on the snowy December day, but that was a thing I did.


16A ‘Bama rival: OLEMISS.
25A Bit of banking documentation: DEPOSITSLIP.
39A Cause of many California earthquakes: SANANDREASFAULT.
50A N.B.A. commissioner starting in 2014: HONEYBOOBOO.

62A “Oopsie!”… and a hint to the ends of 18-, 25-, 39- and 50-Across: MYBAD. MISS, SLIP, FAULT, BOOBOO.

Finished this one in 4:24.

DayThis WkBestAverage4-Wk AvgStreak

NYT Crossword Puzzle 2-18-22 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 4D Japanese watch brand: SEIKO because I have picked up watch repair as a hobby. I have been gravitating toward Citizen and Seiko that I can get for not that much and then work on them. Recently I bought two used Seiko watches that looked great in the pictures. They were described as not functioning, though that can just mean needs a battery. I opened one of them up and saw that the battery had leaked.

The leak got into the movement, so it seized. Yes, it turned a Seiko into a seizedko. I researched the Seiko 8123 movement (coincidentally I finished this puzzle in 18:32) to see how I could do a straight swap. But they no longer make the 8123 movement. I kept looking and found two possible replacements. The Seiko 7N43 movement is the same size and has one jewel, compared to the 8123’s five jewels. The 7N43 also has SAB/SAT in blue like the 8123 has. But then there’s the Hattori VX43 that has zero jewels and doesn’t have the SAB/SAT in blue. For cheaper the 7N43, I got a busted watch that has a 7N43 movement. There was an inscription on the back of the watch: “CHARLES STANLEY MARSHALL GOD’S SAINTLEY [sic] GIFT TO ALL HE MEETS.” I’m waiting for the battery to arrive, but if it doesn’t, I’ll replace the movement with a VX43.

No theme for this Friday puzzle.

Finished this one in 18:32.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 2-2-22 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 29A One in peak singing condition?: YODELER because I actually think that was pretty good.

Also here’s Jewel yodeling:


18A With 20-Across, goes to great lengths: BENDS

35A With 39-Across, superior: ACUT
39A THEREST to make A CUT above THE REST.

41A With 36-Across, plays dirty: HITS to make HITS below THE BELT.

60A With 55-Across, no longer an issue: WATER to make WATER under THE BRIDGE.

Finished this one in 12:49.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-24-22 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 8D Breakout movie role, say: STARTURN because I’ve never heard this term before. Maybe I have, and maybe it was a crossword answer before. If so, I’ve solved it only from the cross words.


16A It doesn’t need time to rise before baking: QUICKBREAD.
29A One of two “royal” sleeping options: QUEENBED.
35A Social crafting event: QUILTINGBEE.
42A ATV with four tires: QUADBIKE.

59A Key member of a football team, in brief … or a feature of 16-, 29-, 35- and 42-Across?: STARTINGQB.

Nyah-nyah, Tom Brady. LFGR.

Finished this one in 6:23.