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NYT Crossword 10-30-20 DNF

Yeah, I didn’t come close to finishing this one, and I stopped well before the half-hour mark because I wasn’t making more progress.

But there’s a clue in this puzzle that made me really happy.

13D Comedian Mitch who said “I haven’t slept for 10 days, because that would be too long”: HEDBERG, of course.

A few months ago I introduced this comedic genius to Calah, and when I read her the clue, she got the answer right away. Because obviously.

I like Swiss cheese. Unless I’m with four or more people.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

NYT Crossword 10-22-20 DNF

I’m calling it. I should have a long time ago, but now that’s it.

I couldn’t resolve everything, and my guesses didn’t get me anywhere. There are probably a lot of things wrong on this, but this is as far as I’ve gotten. I’ll revisit it another day, but that’s it for today.

I really wish I could have gotten the answer to 61A, and usually I figure the one out that brings them all together after figuring out the thread and the other answers, but none of that happened today. Better luck tomorrow, right?

NYT Crossword 7-31-20 DNF

Yeah, I got demolished by this one and then finally called it. I’ve been watching the health officials testify before the House Select Subcommittee in background, and this whole thing is a mess. Jim Jordan once again is trying to steamroll, bully, and pontificate rather than find anything out.

Maybe I was close to getting the answer to a key clue that would let me resolve the rest, but almost 40 minutes in, and I’m calling it. I don’t think I did enough to have any other opinion about this puzzle than it was tough.

Reminder that I won’t be doing the Saturday NYT crossword puzzle because I do that with friends, so I’ll do some other puzzles for tomorrow’s posts instead.

NYT Crossword 7-24-20 DNF

Back to not finishing, but at least I got close. That upper right side plagued me for a long time. I just don’t know the answers.

The puzzle itself was kinda daunting because of all the open area, but it wasn’t so bad, save for that part that I couldn’t do that prevented me from finishing it. In reality, I don’t even know for certain that what I filled out is even correct, but I’m leaving it as it is so I can go back and finish the ones I couldn’t do.

And regarding 41A Often-counterfeited boots, a friend of mine told me about receiving a pair of counterfeit UGGS as a present and how they were almost pretty good, but it can’t beat a keen eye for sure.

Here’s a reminder that I’m not going to be doing the Saturday NYT crossword because I do that with friends, but I’ll post other puzzles.

NYT Crossword 7-17-20 DNF

This was a tough one for sure. I didn’t finish but called it a little more than half an hour in. The layout was a smiley face, which was cool, but the result was a lot of empty, which I’m OK with. At some point I’ll get it. Just like at some point Will Shortz may realize how hurt I am by what he did to me. I’m more confident in the former.

I started this puzzle on my phone and continued on the computer. Computer was easier to fill out and see things in perspective. I was going to give up way earlier because I have a bunch of stuff to do, but when I got to the computer, things started to fall into place. Were all those things right? I’m certain that the answer is very much no.

For example: Is there a NAMON WAYANS? Maybe! I’M not going to be the one to rule that out.

I do Saturday puzzles with some friends. I give some answers, so I’m going to keep that up with them and just do old WSJ puzzles for Saturdays here.

WSJ Crossword 7-16-20 DNF

I gave it half an hour but got stuck hard in this one. It seems I haven’t gotten the hang of the WSJ crossword and what it’s asking me to do, so I called it at half an hour.

I got DIMINUTIVE as the answer to the clue WEE, which brings up how funny it is that there is such a long word for something so small.

Also NYT Thursday was easier than NYT Wednesday, but WSJ Thursday bizarre compared to WSJ Wednesday. I do not know if it’s a trend that continues.

NYT Crossword 7-15-20 DNF

First day doing this blog, and I did not finish the crossword. I finally called it quits at 23:24 because I shouldn’t be spending all day on a Wednesday puzzle. What’s more American than public failure to start out? I guess we’ll see how I do as I continue. I had been doing a lot of Monday and Tuesday puzzles in the past. Sometimes Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, but those were way rarer. I don’t yet know the solution to this one, so I may continue to work on it so it shows it as complete in the app, but for today, I’m done with it. On to the Wall Street Journal puzzle. I don’t think that one uses the same logic as the New York Times one, but we’ll see.