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Quick Answers to Questions from Google Search 3

G Site Kit has a section where it recommends blog posts to answer real Google searches. Here are some questions and some answers. The answers should be taken as my opinion rather than as anything reliable.

Question 1:

Can you leave furniture at curb on trash day for pick up can anyone pick up furniture if left at curb on trash day?

I know you’re muttering to yourself, “Objection–compound question.” But I’m not an attorney, so ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ.

In Los Angeles, you can leave furniture out on trash day for the city to pick up, but you have to call the city in advance to let them know that you will be doing so, or they will not pick up the bulky items. They will not pick up construction debris.

And as far as picking up abandoned furniture goes, I don’t know how to answer this because if I say that you can do it in Los Angeles and you do it in Los Angeles, there’s less for me to grab, and I like my woodworking projects to be as free as possible.

Question 2:

I have a ton of Wall Street Journal dating back to the early 1970s to 1989 are they worth anything

Throw those away! There are few reasons to retain old newspapers. One of them is if you’re quoted in them. Another is if your restaurant is reviewed in a favorable way so you can hang it up and show everyone.

Hoarding is not OK.

That all said, if you can figure out a way to turn them into chairs or other furniture by encasing them in epoxy, that might be interesting for a coffee shop. Turn the stacks of trash into stacks of cash!

Question 3:

We own a 12 room inn can we put out the outdoor furniture cushions for our guests will they need to be cleaned

If you have ask, you gotta clean it. It’s like when I ask Calah if I need to shower after spending a long time sanding. Of course I need to shower.

But this is something from an inn. As innkeepers, you have to clean things even if you could get away without cleaning them at home. People stay in your place and expect things to be clean when they arrive. That’s one of the things they pay for. Yikes!

Keep the quetions coming!

Quick Answers to Questions from Google Search 2

G Site Kit has a section where it recommends blog posts to answer real Google searches. Here are some questions and some answers. The answers should be taken as my opinion rather than as anything reliable.

Question 1:

What is cost of staining wood furniture?

The cost is revealing the beauty of the wood itself.

Many of my woodworking blog posts are about refinishing furniture I got on craigslist or, in rare cases, purchased. I took off the stain to show what was underneath and work with that.

This pair of tables shows natural finish compared to the old stained finish. You can read all about these two in my woodworking blog.

Question 2:

Why does NYT daily online puzzle expire so early?

I live out in California, so I don’t have this issue. The New York Times Crossword Puzzle expires at midnight Pacific, and the new Spelling Bee appears at midnight Pacific. I imagine you live somewhere like Hawaii, and if you do, these things might end earlier. If you live in like Japan, it’s going to be way earlier. The only advice I have for you is to wake up early to shift your day to be in coordination with the time zone that Los Angeles is in.

Question 3:

Why has my crosswordnexus clue solver be taken off my app s and will not let me re install?

I am unfamiliar with this app, but there are few things I can think of as to why this happened.

First option: The app changed from the crosswordnexus clue solver to the crosswordpixel clue solver. I had a Google Nexus phone, and now I have a Google Pixel phone. Even Rob Zombie changed the lyrics in More Human than Human from I am the Nexus One to I am the Pixel 5. I understand that from the problems with the Pixel 6, Rob Zombie is holding off on a new version.

Second option: This is a puzzle by itself. Maybe they want you to demonstrate that you can solve puzzles in order to get more help. Sure, they run the risk of you realizing that you can solve them on your own and therefore not need the app, but maybe it’s worth learning to code? Maybe make your own? Sell it? Make a million bucks?

Third option: There never was such an app. It was all a dream.

Keep the questions coming!

Quick Answers to Questions from Google Search

G Site Kit has a section where it recommends blog posts to answer real Google searches. Here are some questions and some answers. The answers should be taken as my opinion rather than as anything reliable.

Question 1:

Is the word recesstution a correct spelling?

Well, it’s a nonstandard spelling. Is any spelling really more correct than any other spelling? Yes. I believe so, anyway. But to address this word. What is it? It could be one of many things. It could be all of many things. It could be somewhere in between those two extremes.

It’s possible that what was desired was resuscitation (bringing people back from the dead).

Here’s the etymology to make it easier to remember the spelling:

resuscitate (v.)

1530s, “revive, restore, revivify (a thing), restore (a person) to life,” from Latin¬†resuscitatus, past participle of¬†resuscitare¬†“rouse again, revive,” from¬†re-¬†“again” (see¬†re-) +¬†suscitare¬†“to raise, revive,” from¬†sub¬†“(up from) under” (see¬†sub-) +¬†citare¬†“to summon” (see¬†cite). The intransitive sense of “recover from apparent death” is recorded from 1650s. Related:¬†Resuscitated;¬†resuscitating. Earlier were¬†resuscen¬†“restore (someone) to life, resurrect” (c. 1400);¬†resusciten¬†(mid-15c.), from Old French¬†resusciter, Latin¬†resuscitare.

It’s possible that what was desired was restitution (making up for a loss), as is often the case.

restitution (n.)

early 14c.,¬†restitucioun, “a making good or giving equivalent for crime, debt, injury, etc.;” late 14c., “restoration of goods, land, etc. to a former owner, repayment of money;” from Old French¬†restitucion¬†or directly from Latin¬†restitutionem¬†(nominative¬†restitutio) “a restoring,” noun of action from past-participle stem of¬†restituere¬†“set up again, restore, rebuild, replace, revive, reinstate, re-establish,” from¬†re-¬†“again, to a former state” (see¬†re-) +¬†statuere¬†“to set up” (from PIE root¬†*sta-¬†“to stand, make or be firm”).

Of course, it could be spelled correctly if recesstution means what’s needed after being kept in class well into the break.

Question 2:

Do bang good woodworking tools come in inches as well as millimeters?

Answer: Sure! Anything that’s good in metric is probably better in normal units. And if you can’t find it, just convert metric to normal. An inch is 2.54cm.

Question 3:

I don’t get vowels in spelling

It’s not really a question, but I understand the sentiment. And the gripe. No one just gets vowels. You have to buy them.

Keep asking questions!

Baseball series 5-8-21

This is my origin story for broadcasting.

When I was at Santa Monica College and looking at schools to transfer to, I saw that Cal State University schools required a speech class as part of the transfer requirements. The only Cal State I’d been considering applying to is Cal Poly, but the speech requirement was still something that I hadn’t yet completed, and I didn’t see room in my schedule for it.

I am not opposed to giving speeches, and public speaking isn’t a foreign thing to me. Not too long before I’d made a decision against taking a speech class, I had spoken in front of the Beverly Hills City Council in opposition to a parks plan.

My dad recommended against taking the speech class and instead recommended taking a broadcasting class. The broadcasting class would not qualify for the speech class requirement, so it was an interesting idea but I’d have to put it into my full schedule, so… pass!

The summer after transferring to UCSB, I decided to take broadcasting class after all. It wouldn’t help my graduation units–my transfer credits were capped already–but I was interested in it, and it was something to do during the summer for a little bit each day while I enjoyed my break from school.

The class was taught by the Ron Brewington, who advised us on what was not newsworthy (dog bites man), and what was (man bites dog). He also emphasized frequently that star is just rats backwards. I remember distinctly that he turned google into a verb by adding ize to it. That is to say that he recommended we “googlize” things. I always imagined googly eyes.


We were also taught to write out our scripts in Courier New and mark up our scripts so we knew where the human speech breaks were.

I learned a lot in that class, but some of this type of formatting did not keep for very long when I went to KCSB.

At the end of the term, we had to write a script and record it. There were phonebooth-sized recording rooms where we had to record to cassette tape. We were in either the same building as or an adjacent building to KCRW, but there was no interaction between the real radio station and the classroom. It’s kind of a shame because they could have done something good with that.

I decided to save mine. And you can hear it if you’d like.

Remember travel?

It’s Friday afternoon, and thoughts have gone to fantasy honeymoon plans.

This week Calah and I started watching The Amazing Race together. We began with the first episode of Season 2. I had traveled the world alone for Season 1.

The world looks so weird in that show.

I know that part of it is that it’s filmed for broadcast in standard definition, and another part is how low-tech everything was compared to today.

But mainly it’s the who thing about going to airports and to places that are, you know, not within walking distance.

People are packed in close to one another. What are masks?

Season 2 also was filmed shortly after 9/11, and one non-New Yorker wears an FDNY beanie.

And then we got to an episode where they are in Thailand and have to go into a cave with bats. They’re provided masks and boots so they can keep safe.

Calah and I recognized the N95 masks immediately, and Calah lamented, “There was endless supply of N95 masks then!”

We’re hoping to be able to go to Islay together. I went there right after our first date, and when I talked about her to the bartender at the Laphroaig distillery, the dude looked at me and asked me what I was doing there? Like why wasn’t I already back in LA?

I did luck out that she didn’t forget about me by the time I got back weeks later. It might have had something to do with asking her before my trip if she wanted to go to the Magic Castle for our second date. Hard to believe that that’s coming up on two years ago.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: A complete waste of time

I wrote this Friday afternoon, and any events that have happened since have not been incorporated into this post.

As I have done with many hearings, I watched the Marjorie Taylor Greene hearing in its entirety.

I started late, which is why the timestamp on this is about an hour after it happened.

I was worked up about how this was evening happening and how so many Republicans — and I used to be registered as a Republican — seemed to be in favor of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s prominence in the party.

When I’d heard that they’d discussed and voted on whether or not to remove Liz Cheney’s from a top post in the GOP but took no similar vote regarding anything to do with Marjorie Taylor Greene, I was incensed.

Comedy makes the situation a little easier to take.

But partway through I realized something that made me feel even worse: The only thing that matters to the GOP is that a day was wasted.

Here’s the order of what happened on Thursday to the best of my memory. If it’s not exactly right it’s close.

Part 1:

The house resolution was introduced.

A vote was taken on whether to discuss it. The Democrats have the majority and wanted to talk about it. The Republicans didn’t. It was clear to everyone that the Democrats had the votes just to discuss it.

The voice vote surely had enough yeas. But the Republicans asked for a record vote that requires each member to vote so they can count the votes. That takes a long time to do.

With the votes only along party lines, the Democratic majority meant that the house resolution would be discussed. Because duh.

Part 2:

Then there was a motion brought by a Republican to adjourn. You know, because they’d decided to discuss it, the way not to discuss it is just to go home.

The voice vote surely had enough noes. But the Republicans asked for a record vote that requires each member to vote so they can count the votes. That takes a long time to do. This is the second gratuitous record vote.

With the votes only along party lines, the Democratic majority meant that the house would not a adjourn. Because duh.

Part 3:

The Democrats said how Marjorie Taylor Greene is. And she is bad.

The Republicans came to her defense and said that she’s changed and that the statements were made before she was elected, so whatever. Also the Democrats also do bad stuff, so maybe just get everyone out who has done reprehensible stuff.

My take is that they should get everyone bad out. I don’t care about which party the bad people are affiliated with. Get all the bad people out.

It was in this stage that I realized that probably no one from either party really cares for Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Democrats don’t like her, and I don’t think the Republicans like her or even believe that she’s worth keeping around in a normal situation.

But it’s not a normal situation.

Biden is in the Oval, and the Democrats have the majority in the House and Senate.

The way to sink the Biden presidency and the Democratic party is to make them impotent.

Remember being in school? Remember how some people wanted to make the teachers ineffective? How did they do that?

They made trouble in a way that made the teacher have to stop. The way to do it is to derail.

So what did the Republicans do? They put school shooting denier on the education committee.

No sane person would think that freshman representative Marjorie Taylor Greene should be on that committee.

No parent would want her on that committee.

There are a lot of sane Republicans and a lot of parents who are Republicans.

Putting Marjorie Taylor Greene on that committee is a guaranteed way to get people to react negatively and loudly.

There was nothing behind it but to delay.

This is unconscionable. Eating up an entire day for nothing.

I don’t know what the next time waster, but it’s going to happen soon.

Be safe, everyone!

Is today sunny?

They say today is supposed to be sunny. By today I mean tomorrow because it’s Friday afternoon for me.

According to the National Weather Service, it will be a sunny day on Saturday. High of like 60 and low in the 40s. Too cold for LA.

Now, the gamma squeeze for $GME is crazy. I don’t blame people for wanting to go after people who are going the wrong way in the stock market.

Short selling isn’t illegal. It’s kind of dickish because you’re betting something will fail, but to some extent, you’d normally sell stock you’ve purchased because you think it will drop in price. Someone else is a sucker for buying the thing you think will lose value.

Shorting stock is risky. If it had no risk involved, more people would be OK with doing it. Stigma schtigma.

But it’s risky and it’s expensive to do.

That’s what makes it so spectacular when it fails.

Bill Ackman famously shorted Herbalife and LOST A BILLION DOLLARS.

There’s more to discuss here. But that’s all for me for now.

Have great weekend.

And remember:


Hello from Friday afternoon!

This is the first weekend in a while when I won’t have all the screens up with news, and that’s a huge relief. I’m looking forward to what should be a sleepy, rainy Saturday.

Lunch today is chili that I froze earlier this month.

Happy birthday to Kevin Bebak. Shoutout to him.

I was looking forward to doing some woodworking things on Sunday, and there’s a chance that I still will be able to do it.

I haven’t posted the NYT crossword puzzle in a few days, though I’ve done Thursday and Friday. I’ll post those this weekend.

Definite high hopes for the Biden administration. I did have fun writing that letter as Trump to Biden. I used the font of his sharpie handwriting, and made it look like the marker was running out of ink a few times.

Remember how the world looked yesterday at about 3:40pm?

As usual for a Saturday post, I’ve written this Friday afternoon. If a ton has happened since time of writing that makes yesterday a distant memory, here’s what the world looked like then:

Tommy Lasorda passed away.

Betsy DeVos has resigned.
Elaine Chao has resigned.
Mick Mulvaney has resigned.
Hope Hicks will be leaving next week.

Ben Carson was trending because people are making fun of him.

Trump remains divisive.

Tucker Carlson has been abusing this audience with

Biden says he’s been saying that Trump is not fit to lead for more than a year. “That’s why I ran,” he said today.

Reported domestic single-day COVID-related deaths topped 4000 for the first time.

Kim and Kanye are splitsville.

No one knows where Melania is.

Ted Lieu announced that he’s bringing articles of impeachment on Monday.

This came after Nancy Pelosi has asked Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and later demanded Trump resign. Doesn’t look like either will happen.

But the impeachment articles on Monday and Ben Sasse saying that he is willing to consider convicting in the senate. We can’t forget that Mark Kelly has replaced Martha McSally in John McCain’s old seat.

Ossoff and Warnock may be sworn in next week.

They need only 66 votes because David Perdue of Georgia bounced a few days ago when his term expired. Kelly Loeffler is still the appointee until they certify the votes in GA.

I have all kinds of news feeds set up to inform me of developments throughout Shabbat.


Los Angeles Times Left-Center
Washington Post Left-Center
New York Times Left-Center
Wall Street Journal Right-Center
CNN Left
Fox News Right

Deutsche Welle Left-Center
BBC Left-Center
NHK Right-Center

Donald Trump twitter whoops! Just got suspended permanently! Not using this!

Commentary/Trump bashing:
Lincoln Project twitter

I wish you all a weekend of safety and health and that this weekend is pleasant and without any terrible news.