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Quick Answers to Questions from Google Search 3

G Site Kit has a section where it recommends blog posts to answer real Google searches. Here are some questions and some answers. The answers should be taken as my opinion rather than as anything reliable.

Question 1:

Can you leave furniture at curb on trash day for pick up can anyone pick up furniture if left at curb on trash day?

I know you’re muttering to yourself, “Objection–compound question.” But I’m not an attorney, so ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ.

In Los Angeles, you can leave furniture out on trash day for the city to pick up, but you have to call the city in advance to let them know that you will be doing so, or they will not pick up the bulky items. They will not pick up construction debris.

And as far as picking up abandoned furniture goes, I don’t know how to answer this because if I say that you can do it in Los Angeles and you do it in Los Angeles, there’s less for me to grab, and I like my woodworking projects to be as free as possible.

Question 2:

I have a ton of Wall Street Journal dating back to the early 1970s to 1989 are they worth anything

Throw those away! There are few reasons to retain old newspapers. One of them is if you’re quoted in them. Another is if your restaurant is reviewed in a favorable way so you can hang it up and show everyone.

Hoarding is not OK.

That all said, if you can figure out a way to turn them into chairs or other furniture by encasing them in epoxy, that might be interesting for a coffee shop. Turn the stacks of trash into stacks of cash!

Question 3:

We own a 12 room inn can we put out the outdoor furniture cushions for our guests will they need to be cleaned

If you have ask, you gotta clean it. It’s like when I ask Calah if I need to shower after spending a long time sanding. Of course I need to shower.

But this is something from an inn. As innkeepers, you have to clean things even if you could get away without cleaning them at home. People stay in your place and expect things to be clean when they arrive. That’s one of the things they pay for. Yikes!

Keep the quetions coming!

Quick Answers to Questions from Google Search 2

G Site Kit has a section where it recommends blog posts to answer real Google searches. Here are some questions and some answers. The answers should be taken as my opinion rather than as anything reliable.

Question 1:

What is cost of staining wood furniture?

The cost is revealing the beauty of the wood itself.

Many of my woodworking blog posts are about refinishing furniture I got on craigslist or, in rare cases, purchased. I took off the stain to show what was underneath and work with that.

This pair of tables shows natural finish compared to the old stained finish. You can read all about these two in my woodworking blog.

Question 2:

Why does NYT daily online puzzle expire so early?

I live out in California, so I don’t have this issue. The New York Times Crossword Puzzle expires at midnight Pacific, and the new Spelling Bee appears at midnight Pacific. I imagine you live somewhere like Hawaii, and if you do, these things might end earlier. If you live in like Japan, it’s going to be way earlier. The only advice I have for you is to wake up early to shift your day to be in coordination with the time zone that Los Angeles is in.

Question 3:

Why has my crosswordnexus clue solver be taken off my app s and will not let me re install?

I am unfamiliar with this app, but there are few things I can think of as to why this happened.

First option: The app changed from the crosswordnexus clue solver to the crosswordpixel clue solver. I had a Google Nexus phone, and now I have a Google Pixel phone. Even Rob Zombie changed the lyrics in More Human than Human from I am the Nexus One to I am the Pixel 5. I understand that from the problems with the Pixel 6, Rob Zombie is holding off on a new version.

Second option: This is a puzzle by itself. Maybe they want you to demonstrate that you can solve puzzles in order to get more help. Sure, they run the risk of you realizing that you can solve them on your own and therefore not need the app, but maybe it’s worth learning to code? Maybe make your own? Sell it? Make a million bucks?

Third option: There never was such an app. It was all a dream.

Keep the questions coming!

Quick Answers to Questions from Google Search

G Site Kit has a section where it recommends blog posts to answer real Google searches. Here are some questions and some answers. The answers should be taken as my opinion rather than as anything reliable.

Question 1:

Is the word recesstution a correct spelling?

Well, it’s a nonstandard spelling. Is any spelling really more correct than any other spelling? Yes. I believe so, anyway. But to address this word. What is it? It could be one of many things. It could be all of many things. It could be somewhere in between those two extremes.

It’s possible that what was desired was resuscitation (bringing people back from the dead).

Here’s the etymology to make it easier to remember the spelling:

resuscitate (v.)

1530s, “revive, restore, revivify (a thing), restore (a person) to life,” from Latin¬†resuscitatus, past participle of¬†resuscitare¬†“rouse again, revive,” from¬†re-¬†“again” (see¬†re-) +¬†suscitare¬†“to raise, revive,” from¬†sub¬†“(up from) under” (see¬†sub-) +¬†citare¬†“to summon” (see¬†cite). The intransitive sense of “recover from apparent death” is recorded from 1650s. Related:¬†Resuscitated;¬†resuscitating. Earlier were¬†resuscen¬†“restore (someone) to life, resurrect” (c. 1400);¬†resusciten¬†(mid-15c.), from Old French¬†resusciter, Latin¬†resuscitare.

It’s possible that what was desired was restitution (making up for a loss), as is often the case.

restitution (n.)

early 14c.,¬†restitucioun, “a making good or giving equivalent for crime, debt, injury, etc.;” late 14c., “restoration of goods, land, etc. to a former owner, repayment of money;” from Old French¬†restitucion¬†or directly from Latin¬†restitutionem¬†(nominative¬†restitutio) “a restoring,” noun of action from past-participle stem of¬†restituere¬†“set up again, restore, rebuild, replace, revive, reinstate, re-establish,” from¬†re-¬†“again, to a former state” (see¬†re-) +¬†statuere¬†“to set up” (from PIE root¬†*sta-¬†“to stand, make or be firm”).

Of course, it could be spelled correctly if recesstution means what’s needed after being kept in class well into the break.

Question 2:

Do bang good woodworking tools come in inches as well as millimeters?

Answer: Sure! Anything that’s good in metric is probably better in normal units. And if you can’t find it, just convert metric to normal. An inch is 2.54cm.

Question 3:

I don’t get vowels in spelling

It’s not really a question, but I understand the sentiment. And the gripe. No one just gets vowels. You have to buy them.

Keep asking questions!

What we found in our Finish Powerball Max in 1 Dishwasher Detergent Tabs

The other day, Calah (my wife) found a Finish dishwasher tab that had been taped up. It was unusual because normally they’re sealed and good.

So I wrote to the Finish folks to tell them what we’d found and to ask how it happened and whether it’s safe to continue to use the items in the container.

They responded by asking for pictures that included the tab and the lot information on the package.

I sent those and asked what had happened and whether or not it was safe to continue to use the items in the box.

They responded by asking for my address so they could send me something.

I gave my address but still wanted to know what had occurred and if it was safe to continue to use the product that was in the box.

They said I’d get something in the mail.

So what did I get in the mail?

A $5 coupon for a Finish product.

Like, OK, but the product at Costco is like $17. And can I even still use the stuff I have?

I’m starting to doubt that they’ll tell me what happened.

A quick note about upcoming woodworking posts

My weekly woodworking blog drops Tuesdays at 10am PT.

My posts mainly have been about refinishing pieces of furniture made by other people.

I now have a workbench table saw. The blade only extends to 3/4″, and that isn’t a lot, but if I set everything up right, I think I can cut up to 1-1/2″, which should be plenty for many projects.

I asked reddit today about how to make a crosscut sled for a table saw with a 3/4″ blade and got mixed responses.

There will be tons of opportunity for more woodworking projects going forward.

I can’t wait to share them with you!

I’m getting married tomorrow

It’s so crazy that it’s finally upon us, but Calah and I are tying the knot tomorrow morning.

It’s been a long time coming, but to make our relationship official in the eyes of the law is something that’s long past due.

Covid has required us to delay, and our reception and our honeymoon are delayed still, but it’s nice to resolve one key step of the process.

I’m so lucky that Calah has agreed to married me–and continued to agree as she’s gotten to know me more and more through our 517 days of engagement.

Calah is special in a way that gives me faith in the future. Sounds dopey and extreme, I know, but I mean it.

Calah is a person who sees the world and acts on her desire to make it better.

She’s been a registered nurse for years, but she decided to go back to school for nurse practitioner. But rather than go for a masters, she is doing the doctorate of nursing practice. She has to do a study on a topic of her choice.

Covid took away her original subject: Dental hygiene in oldtimers. I probably got it wrong, but I think that’s what it had been.

She saw the healthcare system get overwhelmed and thought there had to be a better way. One day she said to me, “Wow, it’s been a long month today” or something to that effect.

What she’d meant is that the day she had had felt like a month. From there, she and I talked about how some hours feel longer than others and that the stressors and demands aren’t equal each hour of a day or in every work condition.

From there, her topic of addressing nursing stress in the workplace grew and grew.

I could go on and on about her project, but that’s not the point of this post. What I’m saying is that she saw a thing that is broken and didn’t just say what a shame it was took action and is taking action to resolve it at a systemic level. And she’s not discouraged by people who say it can never happen.

That’s the thing about Calah: She does cross-discipline impressive stuff because she doesn’t seem to know that it’s hard.

I’m lucky that she said yes when I asked her out in July of 2019.

Readers of this blog can thank her for my current 312-day posting streak because when I was feeling really down 300+ days ago and couldn’t even bring myself to post about the crossword, she told me to put something down after she got fed up with me being inconsolable. And that got me out of my funk.

I’m frazzled right now in anticipation of the wedding. I feel like there’s a lot left to do that I’ve forgotten but can’t figure out exactly what that is.

And with Calah spending the time up to the wedding away from me, I can only rely on her notes to make sure I don’t royally screw stuff up.

I’ll have more to share after the wedding, but I can’t wait till Sunday morning.

Missed Schedule?

The other day I noticed that two of my scheduled posts were still in the scheduled section. That is to say that they hadn’t published.

I was bummed when I saw that the first new installment of the step-up tables didn’t drop on time! I don’t know what’s causing this just yet, but I hope that I’ll be able to resolve it so it doesn’t continue to happen.


Quick update on my Indochino suits and DHL

I had been tracking the progress of a couple suits I got from Indochino. It’s important that they arrive before the wedding, and if alterations are needed, it’s best I have them in my possession a week ago.

The suits shipped from China on Thursday last week. I watched as DHL tracking was slow to update no matter how many times I refreshed.

On July 27, I got my first update: The package arrived in the Cincinnati Hub and cleared customs.

But there it stayed.

Yesterday (by the time this posts), I saw another update: Shipment on hold.

I don’t want my shipment to be on hold. I want my suits! Calah wants me to have my suits!

So I took the advice of many redditors who had responded to other people who have had this issue, and I called DHL.

The number, appropriately, is 800-CALL-DHL.

I was given the option to have them call me back, but I found it suspicious that they didn’t tell me first how long I’d have to wait on hold.

I opted to wait.

Then I got the ringing tone and was connected to a person immediately. That was a relief.

The explanation I got was that the package was waiting for a connecting flight to Los Angeles, but all was still right because it wasn’t lost.

I shared that I had been hoping to get my suits today in case alterations were necessary, and the customer service person told me that while they don’t work on the weekend, she would tell them to get my suit to me on Monday.

I got a notification from DHL that the estimated delivery will be Monday!!!!

I’ll update you on what actually happens.

ball on hoop

This week I found out about the passing of Mekia Valentine

Mekia Valentine was a neighbor and friend of mine at UCSB. She and I met in the laundry room in the San Clemente Village in September 2011. We both lived in Donner Village.

She’s also the reason I decided to broadcast women’s basketball.

While tons of people have wonderful stories about Mak, here are a few from me.

In October of 2011, my then-roommate Darren and I were going to do something on the nights of Halloween, but we weren’t sure of our exact plan. But Mak invited us to walk around IV with the women’s basketball team and the men’s soccer goalkeeper. Why did we merit inclusion in that? No reason other than that Mak was really nice.

Here’s a story from her basketball career:

More than one night of broadcasting women’s basketball, Mak fell off lists of top-10 in UCSB history. Because she was tied for 10th–sometimes with herself–and then she would place higher than 10th, and her 10th-place would fall off.

She notched a triple-double one game I am proud to have been in attendance for.

And throughout all this, she was humble and nice. There are so many people way less accomplished than she was who are awful and rude.

But not Mak.

I found out this week about her passing, and it hurt.