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NYT Spelling Bee 10-13-20 final

Wow! Almost halfway through October. Whattttt.

This puzzle was kinda wack. There was only one (and a half?) vowels, so that made the game pretty tough.

But first! The stuff I missed yesterday!

ANNOTATOR: I definitely don’t fault myself for missing this one. Rather, I’d have been proud if I’d thought of a word this long.
ARRANT: A word I hadn’t heard before but has an interesting etymology: arrant (adj.)
late 14c., variant of errant (q.v.); at first merely derogatory, “wandering, vagrant;” then (16c.) gradually losing its opprobrious force and acquiring a meaning “thoroughgoing, downright, notorious.”
DOTARD: I feel like I’ve missed this before, but its etymology also is worth noting.
DUAD: I’ll keep this in mind for the future.
NAAN: There is a restaurant in the college town next to UCSB called Naan Stop. While I’ve never been to the restaurant, I’ve passed by it hundreds of times.
NATANT: Swimming or floating? I don’t think I’ve seen this before, but how could I not have?
NONART: This feels like it should be hyphenated, but it’s not.
NOTATOR: Someone who takes notes. That is to say not Amy Coney Barrett.
NURTURANT: The ability to take care of someone? I would have guessed this is a place where you wouldn’t prefer to buy food but know you have to in order to replenish what your body needs.
OUTRAN: I shouldn’t have missed this.
TOAD: Welp.

Anyway, I pulled a genius out of this one.

Final score: 34 words for 129 points.
First word: Array

NYT Spelling Bee 10-12-20 final

As expected, I missed a lot of yesterday’s answers. I mean I barely cleared genius, so there’s no surprise there. Tonight will be the same type of result. Some of my misses were reasonable, and some of my misses were silly.

EFFETE: This is a new word to me, and this is my understanding of what it means: The quality of someone who is so schooled in something that they lose all relevance to the real world.
FEINT: I know this word. I convinced myself that I should have gotten this one, but I fooled myself!
FETTLE: I had never heard this word before, but it simply means condition as in state of being. I find the etymology to be interesting and not intuitive.
FIEF: I don’t fault myself for missing it, but now I know to look for it.
FLEE: :/
LEFT: Dude, I don’t even know.
LEFTIE: I’m used to this word ending in a y. So IDK what you want from me, NYT Spelling Bee.

Today I struggled throughout the day to break through the genius barrier. I was at 189 points from 45 words–just one point shy of genius. Finally NARRATOR pushed me over.

There were two pangrams I found today. ROTUNDA was the first, but then Calah said she found a pangram. She said hers started with a T. A T? So I dug around and found the 10-letter TURNAROUND. So go Calah for getting that behemoth a few words into the puzzle.

Final score: 46 words for 197 points.
First word: RATATAT

NYT Spelling Bee 10-11-20 final

Here’s a short post for a middle-length puzzle.

I’m kinda bummed that I can’t look at what I’d missed the other day, but that’s how it goes. I’ve left a bunch of words out in today’s puzzle, but I got to genius level without too much difficulty. I look forward to tomorrow so I can get back on the what-I-missed train.

In other news, the Lakers won tonight, and according to my SDR setup, there’s a lot going down near the Staples Center. Lots of fireworks throughout the city and very audible on the westside.

Today’s final score: 33 words for 139 points. Genius minimum 131.

NYT Spelling Bee 10-9-20 final

Today was a very long puzzle! Like, wow! I was happy just to get to genius level, but then I continued when I thought of a couple more words.

I missed a lot of words yesterday. Some of them I should have gotten without question. I’ll dive right in.

EPEE: Classic crossword answer. I guess it shows that I haven’t posted a crossword puzzle in a while, and I need to get back to that so I can get words like this one.
PENMEN: A penman is someone who rights with a specified degree of skill, according to OED. Penmen are many of those.

How did I miss this one?!

TEMPT: Calah probably will be happy that my mind doesn’t even go there. Though now I have half a mind to ask her if she got this one. No, no. I’d better not. But now I wonder.
TEEPEE: I shouldn’t have missed this.
TUNEUP: Same with this one. Especially because I work on my own bikes because I don’t want to pay exorbitant bike shop fees.
UNPEN: Initially I read this as the writing utensil. I didn’t know how you could unpen a letter except to deny, deny, deny. But this is like letting an animal loose. Makes WAY more sense.

Today’s final score for me was 50 words for 255 points. I found one pangram, and based on my ability to get to genius (minimum of a whopping 244 points), I don’t think there was a second pangram.

Since I cannot grab today’s answers tomorrow, will someone please capture today’s answers and put them in the comments section? I know there’s no guarantee anyone will do that, but I’d like to know what I miss because Queen Bee is probably like 327, and maybe there’s another pangram.

I’m off tomorrow for Shmini Atzeret, but I’ll be back on Sunday night after Simchat Torah ends.

Stay safe, everyone!

NYT Spelling Bee 10-8-20 final

Today’s puzzle was a huge letdown after yesterday’s Queen Bee finish. I wish I could go into the ones I missed yesterday, but I can’t, since, you know Queen Bee–didn’t miss any.

I strode into today like I had it all figured out. Then I saw that genius minimum was 71. So either it’s ridiculously difficult, or I get two Queen Bees in a row.

Yeah it definitely wasn’t the latter of the two.

First of all, they refuse to recognize PENNETTE pasta. As Tommy Wiseau would say, “They are completely off the wall!”

I did get to genius level, but it was a struggle. I got nowhere close to Queen Bee.

Final score: 22 words for 74 points.
First word found: UNKEMPT (pangram!)

NYT Spelling Bee 10-7-20

I keep thinking my next word will lead me to Queen Bee level, but I’ve run out of next words and still nil. So this post will focus on yesterday’s misses.

FOGY: Oh. This is how the old person word is spelled? In my mind it was FOGIE. Oh well.
GOGGLY: I disagree that this is a word. OED agrees. M-W redirects to GOGGLE with goggly all the way at the bottom as the adjective form of goggle. I don’t even know how I’d use that in a sentence. Absurd. On the my-fault to give-me-a-break! scale, this gets eight Will Shortzes.
GOLF: I miss golf. And I missed golf. Here you can watch people watch golf.

Seems like there are reasons to wear a beer-dispensing plastic helmet while watching.

GROGGILY: I got GROGGY but not this :/
IGLOO: Silly.
LOGROLL: I don’t fault myself for missing this one. And by missing it, I got to watch this and share it:

This is amazing.

LOGY: Means sluggish, groggy? News to me.
YOGI: Namaste.

I really hope I can close out today’s puzzle. I wish the last word had been DUDETTE, but let’s get out the vote and be the change we want to see.

NYT Spelling Bee 10-6-20 final

Yesterday I wasn’t ready for that GELEE, which I now know means either a gelatin dessert or a beauty product. It’s important that I know that now for the future, but it was the only word I missed that kept me from Queen Bee status.

Today’s was all the way through genius shortly after the puzzle was released, and I thought I had a shot at Queen Bee, but that didn’t pan out.

The good news is that Calah is getting the hang of the Spelling Bee, but since she and I are competing, there’s friendly secrecy.

Final score for today: 27 words for 114 points. Genius minimum was 101.

NYT Spelling Bee 10-5-20 final

I got to genius level for this puzzle shortly after it dropped almost 24 hours ago. It looked like I’d have a shot at Queen Bee. Now, like Donald Trump’s shot to leave a legacy of finally uniting the country after getting sick from coronavirus, that hope has ended.

But let’s look at what I missed yesterday first.

ANTITOXIN: This is new to me, but it makes sense that it exists.
ATAXIA: I’ll soon find out if Calah got this one, now that she can do the Spelling Bee.
ATTAINT: Something I recently learned is that Patrick Henry (of “give me liberty or give me death!” fame) wasn’t just known for being the firebrand of the Revolution but also the one who ordered the execution of a dude without a jury trial. And if you’re willing to read two score and five pages.
INITIATION: Don’t even get me started!
INTO: :/
IOTA: Sad.
NATANT: Etymology of this word is unexpected.
ONTO: :\
TANNIN: My vintner great uncle would be mad.
TOXIN: I could have sworn I got this one.

Today’s final score: 24 words for 114 points where the genius minimum was 83.

NYT Spelling Bee 10-4-20 final

Well a lot has happened during the past 48 hours. Just when we let ourselves think the likely outcomes of the world couldn’t get more 2020.

I maintain that I don’t want anyone to get sick from Covid. That Trump himself is now ill doesn’t make me feel good. I’d rather everyone be smart about Covid so I finally can get married.

And on the topic of my fiancee, Calah has now been able to start doing the spelling bee! I hope that she will take me up on my offer to join my blog as a contributor whenever she feels like it.

She’s deep in her capstone project for her Doctorate of Nursing Practice program, so there’s no guarantee that she will be a regular contributor to this blog, but we can hope!

Today’s puzzle was long in word length. Genius minimum of 151 seems like it would be a lot of short words, but it turned out to be fewer but longer words.

I found THREE pangrams. Three! There may be more, but I only found three.

I didn’t do yesterday’s due to the Sukkot holiday, so I can’t review the ones I missed (all of them), but today’s return to the game will mean I get to review today’s misses tomorrow.

Final score: 26 words for 158 points.