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NYT Spelling Bee 8-28-20

A long puzzle but relatively easy. Got to genius in one shot.

I grabbed the pangram pretty quickly, and that helped. I may get some more today, so I won’t yet declare this final.

New domain name for the blog, I guess

You may be wondering what happened to the site and why it’s now called Well, I get a free domain name for a year with my WordPress site.

The name came out of a conversation I had with my fiancee. I don’t remember the entire conversation, but I think I had eaten the rest of some food, and she still wanted some. Oops.

So that ship had sunk rather than sailed. It was not coming back.

Now, I had wanted just to buy the domain name and not have it as the title of this blog. WordPress had told me that I could do that. But I never had the chance to stop it before it took over this site.

Now I have to figure out how to get email to it.

NYT Spelling Bee 8-1-20

Wow this pangram was tough to get. Luckily, my sister ( came to my aid to reassure me that it is a word I know.

So after some time of frustration and some pretty gross and incorrect guesses, I finally got there.

Along the way, I got words like uncock, which is fine if you think of it in sense of a gun and not think of in the context of a not-so-surehanded mohel.

NYT Crossword Special June 2020 Great Outdoors Month Complete

This puzzle had too many of the same clues/answers from July’s special puzzle. I say that because I did them in this order. In reality, July’s is the one I should have a problem with.

This puzzle made me kinda sad because I miss being able to go to places. COVID is really bringing me down. I had gone on some bike rides with my fiancee, but the tires were falling apart, so I ordered new ones. That was back in early July. The tires were supposed to arrive at the latest yesterday, but the postal service tracking still shows that it is at the pre-shipment stage. The seller assured me that the tires had been sent out, so I don’t know why it’s not in the system when the label says it’s priority mail. Not pointing any fingers except to the bike that is not safe to ride without new tires.

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