Update 1:19pm PST

According to WSJ, Binance will not bail out FTX.

Update 1:13pm PST

Bitcoin is close to diving under $16,000 for the first time in like two years. Yeesh. The stock market got rocked today with the DJIA down 647 points, Nasdaq down 263 points, and the S&P 500 down about 80 points. Somehow Evofem Biosciences ($EVFM) finished flat. Could be that the lack of a Red Wave brightened the future for government support of contraceptives. BTC, though, in trouble?

Update 11:33am PST

After an a nonbinding offer to buy FTX earlier, WSJ is reporting that Binance is more like Passnance on the deal.

Update 10:50am PST

While the votes are being tallied in the US midterm elections, crypto is falling, and CoinDesk reports that FTX is and taking Tom Brady’s fortune with it.

So Cryptoh Noes!


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