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hello wordl 5-29-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in six. It’s my first solve in six guesses in 53 days. The last time I got a six was Thursday, April 6, which was one day since the prior finish in six.


Wordle enthusiasts, gather ’round as we embark on a new puzzle-solving adventure. Today’s challenge was no ordinary feat, testing my mental agility and wordplay prowess to the fullest. While it took the maximum number of guesses, I emerged victorious, cracking the code and revealing the elusive word that lay hidden within the letters.

With anticipation coursing through my veins, I began my quest, casting my initial guess of “GRIFT” into the wordplay arena. Alas, no common letters revealed themselves, and I was left to recalibrate my strategy. Undeterred, I pressed on, determined to unravel the mystery word that stood defiantly before me.

My second attempt, “BLOWN,” shed some light on the enigma. The puzzle begrudgingly unveiled an “L,” a piece of the puzzle, albeit in the wrong position. This discovery sparked a glimmer of hope within me—a tantalizing hint that nudged me closer to my ultimate goal.

Refusing to succumb to frustration, I ventured forth with my third endeavor, “LEASH.” Ah, progress! The puzzle graced me with an “A,” a precious clue that confirmed its presence within the word. Alas, it occupied an incorrect spot, and the elusive “L” still defied my efforts.

Ever tenacious, I ventured into my fourth attempt, submitting “CAULK” to the puzzle’s scrutiny. Alas, no new letters materialized, but the “L” found its rightful place. However, the “A” continued to elude me, teasing me with its misplaced existence.

Determined not to falter, I took a leap of faith with my fifth guess, “AMPLY.” Almost there, yet agonizingly close. The puzzle rewarded me by confirming the correct placements of “A,” “P,” “L,” and “Y.” Alas, a single letter still eluded me—a void that stood between me and victory.

With my heart pounding and my mind sharpened by the pursuit, I embraced my final opportunity, my sixth and last guess. “APPLY,” I proclaimed, the weight of anticipation heavy upon me. And with a triumphant revelation, the puzzle relented, confirming my victory and unveiling the coveted word.

“APPLY,” a testament to my perseverance and unwavering resolve, emerged victorious from the depths of the puzzle. It signified the culmination of my intellectual prowess, the fusion of letters that transformed into a meaningful and purposeful word.

In the realm of Wordle, triumphs are not always swift and immediate. They are often forged through perseverance, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of linguistic conquest. Each guess brings us closer to unraveling the secrets concealed within the word, and each deduction is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the puzzle at hand.

As we bid adieu to the Wordle challenge of May 29, I invite you to embark on your own linguistic odyssey. Embrace the thrill of the hunt, revel in the dance of letters, and savor the sweet taste of victory that comes from solving the unsolvable.

May your future Wordle endeavors be filled with excitement, determination, and a sense of wonder as you unlock the mysteries of language one puzzle at a time.


hello wordl 4-6-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in six. It’s my first second in six in a row. The last time I got a six was Wednesday, April 5, which was 12 days since the prior finish in six.


For the Thursday, April 6 wordle puzzle, I was on the edge of my seat as I solved it in six guesses for the second day in a row. While a solve in six guesses is technically successful, it’s still a harrowing experience because it’s the maximum number of guesses allowed. My nerves were on edge as I guessed each word, hoping that it would bring me closer to the answer. The word was MAKER, and my first guess was GRIFT (Letter R correct but in the wrong place). My second guess was SAVOR (A and R in the right places). Third guess was CAPER (A, E, R in the right places). Fourth guess was WADER (no help). Fifth guess was BAKER (A, K, E, R in the right places). I was getting worried that I might fail, but then my sixth guess was correct with MAKER. I could have guessed LAKER or RAKER and failed. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized that I had successfully solved the puzzle.

Last year, I had two solves in six guesses in April. This year, I already have two solves in six in the first week of April. It’s not the first time I got consecutive solves in six. In 2022, I solved three consecutive puzzles in six: January 17-19, and in March 2022, I solved three consecutive puzzles in six: March 3-5 followed by a solve in four and then consecutive solves in six for March 8-9, so five solves in six in six days. Then in August 2022, I had consecutive solves in six for August 11-12.

While it’s nerve-wracking to be on the edge of failure, the feeling of relief and satisfaction upon solving the puzzle is unparalleled. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s puzzle has in store for me.


hello wordl 4-5-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in six. It’s my first finish in six in 12 days. The last time I got a six was Friday, March 24, which was 11 days since the prior finish in six.


It’s always frustrating when you can’t seem to find the right combination of letters to solve the wordle, but it’s all the more satisfying when you finally do! That’s how I felt today when I finally solved the wordle in six guesses. The word was RELIC, and it took me a bit longer than usual to figure it out.

My first guess was GRIFT, and while two letters were correct (R and I), they were in the wrong place. I tried RISKY next, hoping to get lucky with the R in the right spot, but no such luck. My third guess, ROBIN, was also a bust.

By my fifth guess, I was feeling a bit discouraged, but I still had hope. I had managed to get three letters in the right place with REMIX (R, E, and I), but that was it. Finally, on my sixth guess, I got it right with RELIC.

It’s my first solve in six guesses since March 24th, and I was starting to worry that I might not get it today. But as they say, “if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again!” And that’s exactly what I did. It’s my sixth solve in six guesses this year, which is a pretty good track record so far.

Last year, at this point, I had 17 solves in six guesses through the end of April, and I started in mid-January. It’s always interesting to see how your performance compares year-over-year. In any case, I’m feeling pretty good about today’s solve and ready to take on tomorrow’s challenge!