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NYT Spelling Bee 10-28-20 final

Give me a break. This is unruly. Genius level starting at 245? It’s not not fun, but it’s a slog like today’s crossword puzzle. Also like today’s crossword puzzle, I stopped at about half an hour.

Yesterday I didn’t miss too many. It would have been hard to miss a lot because there were so few words at all.

AGAZE: Looks about right
GEEZ: Tell me about it!
MEZE: An appetizer in the Mediterranean. But no horchata, no torta.
MINIMIZE, MINIMIZING: Not too big a deal
MIZZEN: The mast aft of the main mast.


ZINNIA: An American plant of the daisy family, which is widely cultivated for its bright showy flowers.


As I said, about half an hour in, I’d had it with this puzzle. Please go back to the medium puzzles. You know, where genius is at like 124 or 136 or so. Or the 63 ones. Just no more of these endless ones. Please!

Final score: 48 words for 245 points
Genius minimum: 245 points
First word: FEINT
Omissions: TEENIE. I’ll stop there because I shouldn’t try to add more words to this list.