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WSJ Crossword Puzzle Dining on the Campaign Trail 11-2-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 43A Clue heading: ACROSS because it’s like yesterday all over again. See, yesterday’s WSJXW had the clue 27D Unlike this clue’s answer: ACROSS. That seems cheap and lame. I don’t know if there is a streak of these ACROSS answers because this just my second day in a row, but, man, I hope not.

The title of this puzzle is Dining on the Campaign Trail.

18A What a candidate might do a House of Thai?: CURRYFAVOR. This reminds too much of the first episode of Master of None. I know that The Wall Street Journal is no stranger to things that make us ask if they have ever wanted to 29A Experience personal growth: EVOLVE.

24A What a candidate might do at Peking Palace?: DUCKASCANDAL. :/
40A What a candidate might do at IHOP? WAFFLEONANISSUE. Because the International House of Pancakes is famous for its waffles that you can totally get.

49A What a candidate might do at Veggie Galaxy?: SQUASHARUMOR.
60A What a candidate might do at McDonald’s?: SHAKEHANDS.

In related news, they’ve called the New York mayoral race for Adams. Congrats, that guy? I haven’t been paying attention, so I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Finished this one in 9:12.

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