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NYT Crossword Puzzle 8-29-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 73A Santa-tracking org.: NORAD because I have fun on Christmas Eve with the NORAD Santa Tracker up in one tab and the Google Maps Santa thing in another tab. They don’t even approximate one another. My feeling is that Google doesn’t actually know where Santa is and is just crawling the web and using data from other people who claim to have seen the sleigh. If enough people from a specific geo report that at the same time, up on the map it goes! My real favorite part of Christmas eve is the Yule Log show. The log just burns and burns on my TV. And then it ends.

The theme of this puzzle was yet another pun stretch. And it was underwhelming.

22A Beams of one’s dreams?: FANTASYSUPPORTS. Because fantasy sports is a real phrase. Now, as Calah was falling asleep recently, I asked her a question, and she chuckled and said with a big smile, “I just saw lightning in my dream.” Can’t argue with that!
33A Visit a museum to see a Rembrandt exhibit?: GOFORBOROQUE. Big setup for negligible payout. Which I guess is the downside of going for broke. Gg, Dory.
49A Bird of prey that’s gently petted?: FALCONCARESSED. Falcon Crest. Dumb. And dangerous.

67A Actor Justin sitting poolside?: THEROUXINTHETOWEL. Dory should have thrown in the towel way earlier on this.
86A Make fun of small orange fruits?: DERIDEAPRICOTS. Too many dried apricots will have you respecting these things for the rest of time.
102A Mashed potatoes, on a Thanksgiving plate?: GRAVYTERRAIN. Gravy train and a mountain of mash. It’s just so painful.
116A Fourth-quarter meltdown at an N.B.A. game in Oklahoma City?: THUNDERCOLLAPSE. Thunder claps. But who can forget the Adam Morrison breakdown with Gonzaga and UCLA?


Finished this one in 48:17.

DayThis WkBestAverage4-Wk AvgStreak

NYT Crossword 10-21-20 Complete

A moment of silence for quibi.

That’s over, so here’s today’s crossword.

Now that the election is less than two weeks away, I do find the humor in
48A Like Barack Obama’s presidency: TWOTERM. With Trump trailing by nearly 10 points (archived here for the future), it certainly seems like a dig.

Today’s long answers were puns based on place names.
17A Ways to cross a river in Switzerland?: BERNBRIDGES. Bern is arguably but not officially the capital of Switzerland, another clear demonstration of how evasive the country really is.
28A First showing at a film festival in France?: CANNESOPENER. Because Cannes’s second claim to fame is its film festival. For sure its proudest thing to boast is that it’s a sister city of Beverly Hills.
44A Census taker in India?: DELHICOUNTER. Nobody ever gets tired of a Delhi/deli joke.
58A Police dragnet in South Korea?: SEOULSEARCH. Same goes to Seoul/soul. Who hasn’t seen the South Korea’s Got Seoul T-shirt?

I had a typo in this one that I finally resolved. Finished in 19:04. Average Wednesday 17:50.