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LA Times Crossword 7-27-20 (7-28-20) Complete

I decided to try yesterday’s LA Times crossword puzzle. I tried for time because I didn’t for the two earlier today. Certainly it uses a different logic and has no NY-specific clues.

There isn’t a lot of overlap with the NYT and WSJ puzzles, but there is one that I should unashamedly mention each time one of these comes up: 61A Online craft shop.

Of course it’s ETSY!

That’s where my #raabidfun products are, too! If you haven’t yet, check it out at shop.raabidfun.com.

I think I can get used to the LA Times puzzle if I feel the need to do another one. No matter what, though, there’s great advice from this setup: Remember to share puzzle with your friends! And I have.

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