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NYT Spelling Bee 9-9-20 final

The day was good, but the puzzle was bad. I cleared enough to get to genius level, but the word list was short, and readers of this blog know that I don’t want to spend the day wondering what letters even make up real words anymore.

On the other hand, I’ve been so busy today that I didn’t have time to do a long puzzle, so I guess that’s a win.

Final score: 19 words for 53 points, the minimum for genius level.

Next puzzle starts in a minte.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-8-20 final

I keep pushing to max out the list but can’t seem to get there.

Today I got 42 words for 182 points. Genius minimum was 163.

It is frustrating not to know the upper bound. Yesterday I missed by four words, but I never was going to get HIATAL and TABLA. I should have gotten BLAH and BATHTUB. I don’t want to know the upper bound, though.

New one starts in a minute.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-7-20 final

I tried getting all the answers, but I’m short. And I realize I’m not going to get all of them, so I’m done.

Yalla, Habibi! Post the final already!

I feel like I got close, but I don’t even know. The last time I felt I was close, I missed only one word: BLUEBELL. Today I found only two pangrams, but there may be a third that I couldn’t find.

Final score: 38 words for 120 points.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-6-20 final

So much angry at this one. Normal words omitted and countries, demonyms, and languages galore.

Really frustrating was that they rejected ALII and ALIA.


Final score: 39 words for 171 points.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-4-20 final

I found some more and once again thought of attempting to finish the list, but I figured it was just as well to stop when I ran out of ideas.

This weekend is going to be a scorcher here in Southern California, and the awful weather has begun already. They’re saying there may be a blackout tomorrow when the temperature is supposed to reach 105. That is insanity. I’ve got some water bottles in the freezer in preparation, either to leave in there to keep everything frozen or put on my neck so I survive.

My fiancee is from the valley, so she’s not bothered by any of this. I do not understand.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-3-20 final

I found half a dozen additional words that were accepted, and while I had thought about trying to get everything in the list, the amount of scandal makes it not worth pursuing anymore.

Even though today’s puzzle was much smaller than yesterday’s, the drama surrounding it made it more fun. It’s like we came together as a community to cry foul.

Everything is so stressful now that I think I really needed today’s united reactions of outrage. You know, for my own sanity. I hope that it was to the benefit of others, too, but I appreciate everyone who helped make my day better.

Final score: 24 words for 77 points.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-3-20

We went from high to low. But then we crashed through the floor. Words not included today:

MOLEPEOPLE, MEEPLE, and COPE, the last of which prompted outcry from Twitter user Lynn, and the hashtag #COPEGATE2020 from Notaspellingbeeword.

I got to genius level already but with a total of just 18 words. I hope to get at least one more before posting the final.


NYT Spelling Bee 9-2-20 final

After enough monkeying around, I got the remaining points I needed. I found a couple pangrams. There haven’t been more than one that I’ve found in the last week or so.

To be fair, though, all day today I had thought that tomorrow is Friday.

All in all, 53 words for 241 points, and it’s the first really fun one since the day I missed only one word.