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NYT Spelling Bee 9-1-20 final

I was stuck awhile, and I was in a bit of a pickle because with one left, I could either keep trying or give up.

The last answer I needed became obvious.

Final score: 31 words for the minimum genius 141.

NYT Spelling Bee 8-30-20 final

After searching, shuffling, and typing, the clouds parted, and I got the answer I needed.

Final score: 24 words for 98 points.

I hope the Monday puzzle is back to a decent mix of letters and with a reasonable center.

I much prefer finding words to pounding my head against the wall in an effort to knock my brain in place to find something that fits.

Let’s finish off August right.

NYT Spelling Bee 8-26-20 final

Wow. How’s this one for a short puzzle? I started last night but fell asleep before getting the pangram. This morning it was right there when I looked at it again. I thought I’d quit when I got it at 16 words and 53 points, but I went for one more.

So there you have it. Just like the last couple, the first is the final. This one was 17 words for 54 points.

And my overall analysis of today’s puzzle: itsk.

NYT Spelling Bee 8-25-20 final

I don’t think there’s more I’m going to do on this puzzle. There’s too much to do today. This was a return to the high-point puzzles, but I got 132 points from just 27 words. I only found one pangram. There may be more, but I’m not going to spend the time to day to see if I can find more.

On the chair front, I’m done with the last application of teak oil for all the seats and one of frames. Four of the backs are yet to have the final application of teak oil. I’m using 3M synthetic steel wool in between coats, and that’s certainly a fun process. I’m looking forward to that project finally being done.

a little more before reassembly

But as my fiancee doesn’t fail to remind me: When are we going to have the opportunity to use these chairs?

Stupid Covid.

NYT Spelling Bee 8-24-20

It’s a new week, and today marks the return of the shorter puzzle.

I actually got genius level last night, but this morning my time was taken up with refinishing the rest of the folding chairs my dad gave to me. Someone had abandoned them in the alley, and while it was clear they’d been treated poorly, they were worth saving.

Years later, it’s a covid project.

left: the first of six chairs to be refinished; right: one of the then-raw chairs

But back to this one. I’m going to continue looking at it, but it’s possible I won’t go further than this.