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NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-15-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

So far, this has been the hardest crossword post I’ve had to write. My hands are very, very cold, and moving my fingers to the proper places to put words up here is difficult, my brain thinks a sentence, and my fingers are like, “Nah, we’re good where we are.” I’m glad I can write this in private because blowing into my cupped hands has been more effective than letting them freeze in place. The living room is at about 60 right now, but in my office area, it’s, wait, it’s way colder than 61. This thermometer clearly is garbage.

I pulled out 22A Start of a tax form: LINEA because I’m a CPA in California, but I don’t do tax. So this clue was not an easy solve for me.

I’ll pick this up again when my fingers work.

Finished this one in 16:15.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 8-24-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 6A Wry reply to “How’d you do that?”: MAGIC because it’s a thing I say to Calah all the time. Or I say that I’ve got the magic touch. The difference is that that frequently is the case. At her mother’s wedding Sunday night I pulled my keys, sunglasses, and wallet out of the cloth napkin that had been on the table. Magic!


17A *Miniaturized reference: POCKETATLAS.
60A *Iconic photograph taken by Voyager 1 at the request of Carl Sagan: PALEBLUEDOT. Really, I didn’t expect to be as awed by the photo as I am.

We’re in the rightmost band a little more than halfway down the image. (JPL/NASA)

And then there’s a new one!

Pale Blue Dot Revisited

23D *Facility where things are always looking up?: PLANETARIUM, a word I have difficulty reading with the T pronounced.

11D *Computer program that blurs out military installations: GOOGLEEARTH.

32A With 39- and 44-Across, promise that Aladdin sings to Jasmine (and a hint to the answers to the starred clues): ICANSHOW YOU THEWORLD.

Finished this one in 10:25, mostly on my phone.

DayThis WkBestAverage4-Wk AvgStreak

NYT Crossword 12-14-20 Complete

The week starts off with a not-so-challenging puzzle. However, it’s got plenty of room for tripping up. Take it from someone who knows.

I pulled out 34D Typical John le Carré work: SPYNOVEL because how the hell did they get him in a puzzle right after he died? Did they have this one ready to go? Was it happenstance?

Now, I didn’t know the name John le Carré until I got the notifications that he’d passed away. But it turned out I wasn’t entirely unfamiliar with his work. That is to say that I’d heard of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

As usual, I didn’t know the theme until the end.

19A Model/TV host on a record five Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers: ELLEMACPHERSON. In another sign of how uncultured I am, I had been unaware that she is/was a TV host. But as a former SI subscriber, I found the clue overall to be helpful.
28A “Grey’s Anatomy” actress: SANDRAOH. I tried watching this show but couldn’t get into it. Then I happened upon spinoff series Private Practice on Netflix. I got partway through the first episode and could not bear to continue. Good for them for getting paid and for so long, but I have proved unhelpful when it comes to them collecting residuals.
34A “Full Frontal” host: SAMANTHABEE. I haven’t watched this show, but I liked her on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I was in DC in 2017 when signs were promoting the then-upcoming Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner located at Constitutional Hall, a venue operated by the Daughters of the American Revolution. To be honest, I’m a little creeped out by this organization. It’s not that I’m against celebrating our history and those who fought for our country’s independence but that DAR is a sorority of almost exclusively white women. That they recently let a Black woman join their national board is a good sign for the future(?), but long traditions of exclusion can make joining any organization a deterrent, and that can be a never-ending cycle. I’m not saying that my opinion reflects the feelings of DAR, and I am fully in favor of expanding outreach and making the organization more inclusive.
42A North Carolina senator who unseated Elizabeth Dole: KAYHAGAN. Whenever I hear that name, I just think of The Godfather. I know that it’s Kay who marries Michael Corleone and not Tom Hagen, but it’s like when I see the name Trey Stone, I think of South Park.

53A Female scholars … or a hint to 19-, 28-, 34- and 42-Across: WOMENOFLETTERS. The theme because ELLE (L) MACPHERSON, SANDRA (O) OH, SAMANTHA (B) BEE, and KAY (K) HAGEN.

Finished this one in 6:58.