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NYT Spelling Bee 10-27-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 33D Made level: EVENDOUT because my recent woodworking projects have been cutting boards. One is still in progress, and one is complete. The current series of my weekly woodworking blog coves the first cutting board. The next series will be for the second one. I used my hand planes a lot to get the cutting board smooth. The one that’s drying right now will also need a lot of planing. I’ll cover this more in those series, and there’s enough variation between to the two for distinct series.


17A Classic line from the Superfans sketch on “S.N.L.”: DAAAAABEARS.
24A Classic line from the Delicious Dish sketch on “S.N.L.”: SCHWEDDYBALLS.
38A Classic opening line from an NBC sketch show: LIVEFROMNEWYORK.
49A Classic line from the Wayne’s World sketch on “S.N.L.”: WERENOTWORTHY.
60A Classic line from the Blue Öyster Cult sketch on “S.N.L.”: MORECOWBELL.

I’m not a fan of SNL. I mean they have Pete Davidson as a cast member for almost a decade. Malcolm Kelner would be a way better choice.

Finished this one in 8:28.

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