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NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-28-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 61A “Make it _“: RAIN because that’s what’s going on in Los Angeles right now. And in a big way.

Our streets weren’t built for rain. I was driving around in it Thursday night on roads that are pretty new. The lane lines either aren’t reflective, or the dirt blocked out any reflectiveness. And there were no reflective buttons.

This video never can get too much play. Also shoutout to my sister for this.


20A Food topping used at Abe Lincoln’s birthplace?: LOGCABINSYRUP. Because Abe was born in a log cabin.
28A Dairy product used at the Seven Dwarfs’ dwelling?: COTTAGECHEESE. They did live in a cottage.
48A Turkey stuffing used at the Ewings’ Southfork?: RANCHDRESSING. A Dallas reference?

56A Spreads using 20-, 28- and 48-Across?: HOMEMADEMEALS. It’s good that Calah and I both cook. Otherwise one of us would be beyond overworked and with food to make on top of it all. Hooray for teamwork!

Finished this one in 7:07.

NYT Crossword 1-4-21 Complete

Another freezing morning in Los Angeles! My hands are kind of locked in place, so I keep blowing on them so they thaw. It’s supposed to climb from the current 48 to the low 60s. So much for global warming.

I pulled out 48D Trucker who relays “bear traps”: CBER because it reminds me of a road trip Calah and I took last year. It was going to be a long enough road trip that I thought it would be beneficial to be able to listen to truck drivers as we went in case we could learn something. I have a Yaesu VX-5R handheld transceiver. I can pick up all kinds of analog bands on it. I hadn’t thought about the citizens band radio capabilities. Turns out that it has none. So rather than listening to truckers while driving through the night, it was Infected Mushroom. It’s great music for driving, but there was no advice about bear traps — police with radar.

Today’s theme was likely in reference to the new and unfortunately panned Wonder Woman 1984 film. But that was released last year. Is this just a delayed post?

61A Co-founder of the Justice League: WONDERWOMAN.
17A Identity of 61-Across: DIANAPRINCE. This is the clue that got me the theme. And I hadn’t even solved any other on-theme clue yet.
30A Originator of 61-Across: DCCOMICS. The name is like ATM Machine or The La Brea Tar Pits. DC originally stood for Detective Comics. So it’s Detective Comics Comics.
36A Television portrayer of 61-Across: LYNDACARTER.
44A Film portrayer of 61-Across: GALGADOT.

I finished this one in 12:25 due to errors like 1A Has a long shelf life: LASTS had to replace KEEPS. and 64A Humdingers: LULUS had to replace LUAUS.