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LA Times Crossword 7-28-20 (8-2-20) Complete

With no Sunday WSJ puzzle, here’s one from last week’s LA Times. It’s where my sister works, so shoutout to her (twitter.com/raablauren).

This is a Tuesday puzzle and felt like it. The logic for it certainly is different from the ones from the other coast. Clues like 53A Be mad about. Yes, mad like crazy. So it was ADORE. I guess I could see that in a NYT puzzle and its Jeremy Giambi-like brother The Journal, but it feels more in line with clues and answers here like 18A TV coverage of local events, say (LOCALNEWS) and 55A Library contents: Abbr. (BKS).

Why do we need the “say” in the local news clue? It’s a straightforward clue. Also to abbreviate books is kinda lame. How about Alternative to Mickey D’s?

Overall, I’m happy to do the LAT crossword, even if I have to sit through an ad. That will probably be my Sunday go-to as a replacement for nothing from WSJ.

LA Times Crossword 7-27-20 (7-28-20) Complete

I decided to try yesterday’s LA Times crossword puzzle. I tried for time because I didn’t for the two earlier today. Certainly it uses a different logic and has no NY-specific clues.

There isn’t a lot of overlap with the NYT and WSJ puzzles, but there is one that I should unashamedly mention each time one of these comes up: 61A Online craft shop.

Of course it’s ETSY!

That’s where my #raabidfun products are, too! If you haven’t yet, check it out at shop.raabidfun.com.

I think I can get used to the LA Times puzzle if I feel the need to do another one. No matter what, though, there’s great advice from this setup: Remember to share puzzle with your friends! And I have.