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NYT Spelling Bee 8-5-20

Argh so close with this one!

I’m at 41 words and 117 points. I just need 16 points to get to genius.

When I was going through, I saw that the words mazel and mazal both were there. I use mazal because it’s closer to the original word, but I tried mazel first because I’ve seen that used more, and I figured NYT would go for that one first.

But nope! No mazel.

So NYT was on MY side: it’s mazal!

What mazal!

Nope. Nothing doing with mazal.

They should have both spellings, not neither!

I saw this morning that the notaspellingbeeword Twitter had gone through the same mazal/mazel challenge: https://twitter.com/Notaspellingbe1/status/1290973710728364033?s=19

That made me happy.