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NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-19-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

The Monday streak is in full effect. It’s stretched to 66 weeks. As a comparison, Calah and I have been going out for 106 weeks, so that’s more than 62% of our relationship.

I pulled out 23A Decorates with bathroom tissue, as in a Halloween prank: TPS to point out how crazy this activity seemed just 12 months ago. Just wasting toilet paper by throwing it over a house? A tree? Even Halloween mummy costumes. And now we all have too much toilet paper. Or do we? The Delta variant is causing LA to reinstate the mask mandate. Is a run on toilet paper next?

Well, unlikely.

The theme of this puzzle was fun. I enjoyed this theme a lot.

17A Summery quip, part 1: TAKINGADOG.
35A Quip, part 2: NAMEDSHARK.
40A Quip, part 3: TOTHEBEACH.
57A End of the quip: ISABADIDEA.

It’s true! Taking a dog named Shark to the beach is a bad idea. It’ll probably get sand in your car.

But then again, the humor of calling for Shark and then telling people, “It’s OK. He doesn’t bite,” would really be fun.

Finished this one in 6:10.

DayThis WkBestAverage

NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-12-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

What started 64 Mondays ago continues today. Make that 65 Mondays in a row!

I pulled out 65A ___ network: NEURAL because I’m a big fan of Janelle Shane‘s AI Weirdness blog. The bizarre things her neural network comes up with has put me in tears on numerous occasions.

Also Tesla is ready for fully self-driving with good decisions. Except that it isn’t fully self-driving.

And as far as good decisions go?

I’m happy that there was a good theme on a Monday.

17A Song lyric before “short and stout”: I(MALI)TTLETEAPOT.
26A Attorney general under George W. Bush: ALBER(TOGO)NZALES. There’s a reason it was so easy for me to come up with Alberto Gonzales, and that reason is Harry Shearer.

I used to listen to Le Show on the regular, and it’s weird for me to realize right this moment that I haven’t heard an episode in almost a decade. Yikes.
43A Appeasing, idiomatically: THROWIN(GABON)ETO. Also a lyric from the above song.
56A Grilled Japanese dish on skewers: CHICKENYAKITORI.

62A Where this puzzle’s circled letters can be found: AFRICA.

Finished this one in 6:21.

DayThis WkBestAverage

NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-5-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

The Monday streak is now to 64. That’s a lot of Mondays in a row. I’m proud to keep that going.

I pulled out 10D Cheese-on-toast dish: RAREBIT. I hadn’t heard of rarebit. So I looked up the etymology, and I am not satisfied.

rarebit (n.)

1785, an absurd perversion of (Welsh) rabbit, as if from rare (adj.) + bit (n.).

So no help.

I don’t know if I fully understand the the theme of this puzzle. I mean I think I get it, but I don’t know if it’s as superficial as it seems, since I haven’t seen a theme clue.

17A Marine inhabitant that’s an animal, not a plant, despite what it’s called: SEA[C]UCUMBER.
27A Angry shout to a miscreant: WHY[Y]OULITTLE.
41A Sobriquet for Simón Bolívar: EL[L]IBERTADOR.
54A Observation satellite: EYE[I]NTHESKY.

So the theme is just that the the word that precedes the circled letter is the letter as a word?

Finished this one in 6:00.

DayThis WkBestAverage

NYT Crossword Puzzle 6-28-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

This was a surprisingly difficult Monday for me. I started last night and almost completed it, but my eyelids got really heavy, and I stopped. When I picked it up today, it was still tough! But I got through it. Definitely weird to claim to have gotten through a Monday.

I pulled out 51D Scent of an animal: SPOOR because I’d been unaware of this term.

Etymology time! From the Online Etymology Dictionary!

spoor (n.)

“track, trace,” 1823, used originally by travelers in South Africa, from Afrikaans spoor, from Dutch spoor, from Middle Dutch spor, cognate with Old English spor “footprint, track, trace,” from Proto-Germanic *spur-am, from PIE *spere- “ankle” (see spurn).

So there you have it.

The theme of this puzzle is homophones.

17A “So, this red thing, Mom? This is not good.”: BEETREPORT. Like a beat report. But with beets.
27A “The French one is my favorite. Wait, no, the pretzel one.”: ROLLREVERSAL. Like a role reversal but with bread.
48A “Eww, mollusks … I don’t know, didn’t this make me sick last time?”: MUSSELMEMORY. Like muscle memory. Speaking of which, I went to the driving range a couple weeks ago, and I hadn’t lost my swing. I may have mentioned that, but it bears mentioning because I am proud of that. Also food poisoning is no joke.
63A “Wow, Mom, this is like at a restaurant! Dibs on the chocolate pudding!”: MOUSSECALL. I don’t understand this one. Also mousse is meh. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my feeling about mousse recently.

Finished this one in 13:26.

DayThis WkBestAverage

NYT Crossword 6-21-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I was on a record-setting pace today, but then it all went awry. But the good news is that now I’m on a 15-day streak. It’s the longest streak I’ve been on ever because I now do the Saturdays.

I pulled out 62A Longtime Yankees manager Joe: TORRE because back in 2017, I wanted to go to a World Series game with Ari. It was either Game 1 or Game 2 when tickets were unobtainable, and someone advised that, “Even Joe Torre couldn’t get tickets to this game.” At the time, Joe Torre was no longer the manager of the Yankees and no longer the manager of the Dodgers. Rather, he was the MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer. A lofty new title for the role of VP for Baseball Operations. We ended up going to Game 6.

I liked todays theme. It wasn’t as good as yesterday’s. But how can I compare?

20A Capable of floating, as a balloon: LIGHTER THAN AIR.
32A Sanctimonious: HOLIERTHANTHOU.
39A Imposing and then some: LARGERTHANLIFE.
52A “Let’s put things in perspective” … or a title for this puzzle: ITSALLRELATIVE.

Well, I guess that’s how I can compare.

Finished this one in 6:44.

DayThis WkBestAverage

NYT Crossword 6-14-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Crossword streak to eight days! It used to show the Monday streak, but oh well. I like this one more.

The weather forecast for today is not so pleasant. High of 91 that feels like 96 but 88 in the shade. And breezy but not the cooling breeze. Convection oven breeze. But it’s going to be even hotter the next day. Pardon me while I fill the freezer with water bottles for when the power goes out.

OK I’m back.

I pulled out 2D 1960s dance craze: WATUSI because I’d not heard of it before. So I looked it up. And I found this video:

It’s amazing that it exists at all. The viewing experience is enhanced by its inconsistent video quality and color settings. Also dancing is fun. So go, them! Pre-TikTok dancing for all to see.

Homophonic theme today!

20A Food for Little Miss Muffet: CURDSANDWHEY.
31A Chinese dissident artist: AIWEIWEI.
36A U.S. Naval Academy anthem: ANCHORSAWEIGH.
43A Neighbor of Botswana: ZIIMBABWE
54A Breakup song by Fleetwood Mac: GOYOUROWNWAY.

Finished this one in 4:06. Happy Flag Day!

NYT Crossword 6-7-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Here’s a crossword blog again! Yay! I tried to do it for time, and I got a little tangled up. I have been slacking on the crossword (as you know because there have been few crossword posts), so it was extra exciting for me to try to do this one fast. My Monday record of 3:49 from February of this year stands, but I was surprised to have gotten this one done in under five minutes. Also I have solved 60 Mondays in a row, which I find to be a cool thing. My friend Gerry has like a million days in a row, but it’s not a competition. You know, because he’d win handily if it were. And good on him for that.

I pulled out 61A Skating leap: AXEL because I never can remember if it’s AXLE or AXEL. So I’ve decided to look it up. The name of the jump comes from the name of a human. And that human was Axel Paulsen.

A picture of an Axel Paulsen trading card from 1887. An image of Axel Paulsen is the majority of the upper part of the card while an image of a skating Axel Paulsen is at the bottom of the card. In the background of the lower portion are a couple skating, an individual skating, and an individual who has fallen on the ice. We cannot all be good skaters. The caption of the trading card reads: AXEL PAULSEN Champion Skater of World.

I like that this trading card whose photo I got from The Met includes someone who has fallen on the ice. Adorable stuff happening in 1887.

So now it will be easier for me to remember the spelling. It’s not about spinning as though on an axle; rather, it’s named after the dude Axel Paulsen.

I got the theme of this puzzle only after reviewing it.

17A Sleuth for hire: PRIVATEEYE.
23A Perform an act of kindness, in a way: PAYITFORWARD.
36A 1977 #1 Eagles hit: HOTELCALIFORNIA.
46A It might catch a thief or a speeder: HIDDENCAMERA.

57A Be willing to accept whatever … or a hint to the ends of 17-, 23-, 36- and 46-Across: ROLLWITHIT.

Right. Eyeroll, forward roll, California roll, and camera roll. Checks out.

Finished this one in 4:32.

NYT Crossword 5-17-21 Complete

There will be no Spelling Bee post today due to the holiday of Shavuot. However, the NYT Crossword comes out on weekends in the afternoon, and the holiday started Sunday in the evening, so I get to post about that. I haven’t posted a New York Times Crossword blog in a while, though I’ve been doing the Monday one consistently. My streak now stands at 57.

I pulled out 36A Break into with intent to steal: BURGLE because a long time ago, my dad got me a book called A Burglar’s Guide to the City. It’s an interesting read that goes into some history as well as some law. I haven’t yet finished it.

The long answers were pretty simple today.

16A Alternative to Zumba: (JA)ZZERCISE. I guessed on this, and it turned out to be right.
29A Where to order a Blizzard: (DA)IRYQUEEN. I remember seeing DQ at the mall, but I haven’t gone to a food court in years
44A Supposed means of communication with the dead: (OUI)JABOARD.

60A Biggest city in South Dakota: (SI)OUXFALLS. I had a history teacher in high school who used to use as an example of things nobody cared about: “That’s like saying, ‘I have the tallest building in Sioux Falls, Iowa.'” But Sioux Falls is in South Dakota. Sioux City is in Iowa. This seemed not to matter.

Finished this one in 6:19.

NYT Crossword 2-1-21 Complete

A NEW PERSONAL RECORD!!!! It’s not even a February Fools’ Day joke. Also happy 2121. Although the twos have abounded, we haven’t yet seen the full-on silver squeeze. Two because silver medal is second place. I want the silver squeeze to happen because if silver goes to $1000/ozt, this half dollar in my hand is worth more than $350. But just try to get that kind of cash for it, right? I know from my time in rare coins and collectibles that if you go to a place that sells precious metals, they’ll tell you that they can’t sell it to you at spot because they’re a business and have to make a profit on it. If you try to sell them precious metals, they’ll tell you that they can’t buy it for spot because they’re a business and have to make a profit on it. They make a profit on both ends of the transaction. Unless the price falls dramatically after they buy it and before they sell it.

I pulled out 14D Dull photo finish: MATTE because my name is Matt, and I’m allowed to be vain. Also months and months ago Calah and I bought our wedding bands with the expectation that we’d be long married by now. I made sure to get one with a matte finish. Why? Because my name is Matt, and I’m allowed to be vain.

This puzzle was the bees’ knees! And not just in the sense that I have a new Monday PR.

19A One on the front lines during a crisis: ESSENTIALWORKER.
35A Crown wearer at a fall football game: HOMECOMINGQUEEN.
52A Unmanned Dept. of Defense aircraft: USMILITARYDRONE.



Finished this one in 3:49, ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATING my old Monday PR of 4:21.

NYT Crossword 1-18-21 Complete

Today there was kind of muted craziness. The Trump administration said the travel ban from Europe is ending or something. That’s silly because COVID obvz. Then Biden was like, “Hang on, buddy!” Also Kayleigh McEnany reportedly has moved back home to Florida already. Does she not know that that’s where the Trumps are moving, too??????

I pulled out 3D “Here comes Poindexter!”: NERDALERT because of what this is. Might as well have been “Look! Someone doing the crossword!”

Today’s theme was something like why travel the world when you can travel the whole world in this country?

17A City where you won’t find the Eiffel Tower: PARISTEXAS.
24A City where you won’t find the Parthenon: ATHENSGEORGIA. Republic of Georgia should look into naming one of their towns after the city in Greece, too.
46A City where you won’t find Virgil’s Tomb: NAPLESFLORIDA.
56A City where you won’t find the El Greco Museum: TOLEDOOHIO.

Finished this one in 7:48.