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NYT Spelling Bee 9-22-20

This game wasn’t nearly as bad. There’s still some time before midnight, so I’m pushing for a Queen Bee night, but that’s not going to happen.

TEXMEX was the latest in the looking for food in all the wrong places series.

Yesterday I missed a bunch of stuff that made no sense to miss.

Like how did I not see UNION? or UNCTION?

NYT Spelling Bee 9-20-20 final

I really feel like I’m just one word away, and I just can’t get there. I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ve missed. The last time I’d missed just one was when I hadn’t gotten GOOGOL. Also that time I knew the max score and count, so my first Queen Bee would have had an asterisk on it anyway.

Final score: 36 words for 203 points.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-20-20

So after Rosh Hashanah ended this evening, I went to work on this puzzle. I raced through a shocking number of pangrams and on to genius. I thought that this time I could go all the way.

Now I’m stuck. It’s a horrible feeling when you’ve hit a wall well in excess of minimum genius level. Every additional word found seems like it should be the last, but it just isn’t. I have a short amount of time before the day rolls over to tomorrow, but this is one of those really annoying ones.

So far 36 words for 203 points. And genius was way back at 149.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-18-20

So I’m running around trying to get things ready for Rosh Hashana that starts tonight. I’ve gotten a lot of the way through today’s puzzle, but there’s a vein of answers I may not have hit, and I may not be able to get all the way there by the time the holiday starts in a little more than two hours.

Appropriately, NOGGIN doesn’t count for today.

I’m 14 points short of the 171 minimum for genius level and have tallied 29 successful words.

I hope I can finish this year off right, but forgive me if I don’t get there.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-17-20 final

This one is in the books. A little beyond the minimum for genius.

Final score: 32 words for 111 points.

I don’t blame myself for missing FLATFOOT, FLOODWALL, FOOTFALL, and FOOTWALL yesterday. Chrome gives me a red squiggly for floodwall and footwall, so I call shenanigans on that.

OFFLOAD and TWOFOLD are words I should have gotten.

Now for the next puzzle.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-17-20

I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to the Spelling Bee today, so if I get to genius at all, I probably won’t push beyond the minimum. I’ve been spending part of the day baking challah for Rosh Hashana.

There are a few words that I wish I could use but that don’t include the middle letter. FILLUP, for example, is something I think of in the automotive sense but actually is a really expensive water bottle with a bottom-facing spout. Same with FULLUP, which I equate to SRO but actually is a Belgian company that deals with fuel levels. I would have thought those would be reversed. Except for the water bottle. I mean $130 can get you more than three bottles of Laphroaig 10 Year.

I’ll post a little later with what I hope will be on the other side of this dot.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-15-20

So yesterday the word I missed was GOOGOL. I won’t be forgetting that one again.

Today I decided to try something else, since I had gotten so close to finishing everything. I figured I’d try to get everything today. Ambitious, I know. It likely will be unsuccessful, but why not?

So far I’ve gotten beyond the minimum genius level. I’m at 46 words for 172 points.

It’s a shame that COCKATOO does not include the center R.