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NYT Crossword 6-15-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Today is supposed to be very, very hot. I still have extra water bottles in the freezer in preparation for a loss of power. I hope it doesn’t come. Instead, Spectrum has decided to be unreliable since last night, so that’s been a blast.

With the wind and dryness, it will be like living in a convection oven. We’ll live with fans as long as makes sense, but then the air conditioner is going on for absolute certain.

I pulled out 9D Tex-Mex offering that lacks a crunch: SOFTTACO because Calah makes these amazing soft tacos. Sometimes she uses ground beef. Sometimes she uses brisket. Slow cooked with onions and other stuff. Then fresh, homemade guac. I’m salivating right now thinking of them.

The theme of this puzzle is something near and dear to many millennials.

20A Unchangeable: WRITTENINSTONE.
34A Dressy floor-length garment: OPERACLOAK.
41A Something a kid might blow right through: BUBBLEWAND.

51A Set of legendary objects from the Harry Potter series found at the ends of 20-, 34- and 41-Across: DEATHLYHALLOWS.


Now, I have read through the fourth book in the series, but I got through the Goblet of Fire right after it was released. I haven’t read past it, I haven’t seen the movies, and I didn’t get past the first few pages of The Sorcerer’s Stone in the early days of COVID.

I finished this one in 7:36 while watching The Amazing Race with Calah Monday night.

NYT Crossword 12-9-20 Complete

Not bad for a Wednesday puzzle. But looking at the date, it’s crazy that we’re almost 1/3 of the way done with December.

I pulled out 14D Source of the line “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth”: MATTHEW because that’s my name. Nothing beyond that. Just vanity.

I didn’t use the theme of this puzzle to get me any answers. The theme makes sense in retrospect.

19A Establish a standard that’s easy to reach: SETTHEBARLOW.
30A With 41-Across, make every effort to be accommodating: BENDOVER.
41A See 30-Across: BACKWARD.
51A Not meet expectations: UNDERACHIEVE.

64A Contest described by 19-, 30-/41- and 51-Across: LIMBO.

You set the bar low in limbo. You approach the bar as you bend over backward to comply with the rules. If you are successful, you achieve by going under.

Not bad.

Finished this one in 13:01.