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NYT Spelling Bee 10-31-20 final: Queen Bee

So I got to Queen Bee tonight! Second time ever. But one word was provided to me by Calah, who was certain I had had that word already. That word is BAWD: A woman in charge of a brothel.

That was the only word I’d been missing, and the Queen Bee screen popped up.

Meanwhile, Calah got her second genius placing tonight with a score of 81.

There are some I missed yesterday that I should have gotten and some that are new to me.

The words in the former category are: FAMILIAL, MAFIA, RAFFIA, RIFFRAFF.

The words in the latter category are:

ARIL: A botany word! An extra seed covering, typically colored and hairy or fleshy, e.g. the red fleshy cup around a yew seed.
FILIAL: Relating to or due from a son or daughter.
FILIALLY: Adverb of the above.
FRIARY: The place where friars live.
RILL: A small stream
RIYAL: Another spelling of the rial, the money unit of Iran and Oman.

Today’s final score: 29 words for 109 points
Genius minimum: 76 points
First word: BACKWARD
(Of the pangrams, Calah found DRAWBACK first.)
Omissions: RAAB, BRACK
Good inclusions: ABRACADABRA on Halloween

RIP Sean Connery. You were in a lot of people’s minds recently, as Trump’s osteopath’s name is Sean Conley. It’s always disappointing to hear Sean Conley’s name, and it hurts extra to know that he’s the only public figure of the two who can do things in the present.