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Wordle 1-19-22 (contains spoilers)

Got it in 3!

I’m annoyed that my stats reset. My phone has been really bad as of late, and I reset it to factory settings on Tuesday with idea of restoring from backup. The stats did not carry over.

Also I had difficulty getting help from Google with two factor authorization.

You’re connected with agent Kimmy

Hi Kimmy!
Me – 9:59 AM

Thank you for being a Google One member. My name is Kimmy in case you need to refer to this chat interaction in the future, please take not of the following IDX-XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Kimmy – 9:59 AM

My Pixel 3 has been all janky, so I decided to reset it today and restore from backup.
The 2FA I could have had any chance of using is tied to my phone
that I just reset
How can I verify with you that I am who I am so I can get back into my phone?
I imagine that the method that takes many days requires me to cut off my finger and send it to you so you can make sure that the print matches
but I’d rather not do that because people who want to hire me for magic shows get a better experience if I have all my digits.
you still there?
halp plz

Me – from 9:59 AM to 10:15 AM

I ended up getting back into my phone. Still waiting on Kimmy.

Happy to start the reset by finishing in three, though!

Woodworking: Finally finishing a small table from woodshop class (Part 3) (originally published 12-29-20)

NOTE: This is the final installment of this project. A new woodworking project series starts next week.

I left off last week with the plans in place to attempt to fix the split, install the new screws, cover gaps with wood filler, sand, and then use take oil.

I had the clamps from the old end table refinishing project, so I hoped that the split would be able to be fixed with glue and pressure. After a solid attempt, there wasn’t much movement, and I’d have to fill the crack with the wood filler.

The effort did leave some marks, but all part of the game. The first sanding step was next and then countersinking the new screws.

I knew I would have to sand after the wood filler, but sanding beforehand gave me a clean surface, a view of what I had to do, and a lot less to fix when the filler dried hard and could be sanded.

I drilled out enough to let the new screws grab hold and be deep enough for the filler to survive.

And the Robertson screws are great. I learned that I do not have a preference between Torx and Robertson. Both are easy to drive and stable. I felt no chance of slippage.

Filling the holes and then sanding was pretty fun. While I don’t seem to have pictures of the wood filler process, it was simple to apply and then smooth out with an old plastic card. A giftcard to a place Covid put out of business or a gym membership card work nicely.

There are many colors of wood filler available, and some people recommend using sanding dust from the piece of wood you want to fill to make a perfect color match. I have no problem even calling attention to it.

When I stripped the screw head decades ago, the driver bit slipped and dug into the wood. That gouge is now covered by the wood filler, as you can see in the lower of the two on the right side.

Next step: teak oil!

What a change from this:

I really like how this looks. I’m very proud of it, and I think that I would have been just as stoked with it if I’d finished it this way decades ago.

What I find even cooler is that the wood filler is darker on the left side and lighter on the right side.

Except it isn’t. It’s like the optical illusion we’ve all seen in some corporate training seminar:

Trippy, right? https://www.creativethinkinghub.com/optical-illusion-are-the-grey-blocks-really-the-same-colour/

While this project is now complete, I’ll have a new woodworking project next week. I’ve been working on a couple of chairs for a while, and they’re not done yet. I also don’t know if they will end up turning out. This may be my first complete failure project, but these are new territory for me, and I’m learning a lot. Join me in the new year, won’t you?

NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-17-22 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 28D ” _, James _”: BOND because as Calah and I have been going through the Bond movies in order, we saw one where James Bond went under the pseudonym James Stock. I found that to be very funny, especially as said by Roger Moore. Still my opinion is that Pierce Brosnan is the worst James Bond. Sean Connery is the best.


17A Teenage military leader canonized in 1920: JOANOFARC -> JOANOFARC.
21A Not inclined to reveal one’s feelings: RETICENT -> RETICENT.

40A Insignificant amount … or hint to this puzzle’s shaded squares: ADROPINTHEOCEAN -> ADROPINTHEOCEAN.
45A Actress Rigg of “The Avengers”: DIANA -> DIANA.

58A Big-dollar election-influencing grp.: SUPERPAC -> SUPERPAC.
64A “Tell someone who gives a hoot”: ASIFICARE -> ASIFICARE.

17A + 21A ARCTIC
40A + 45A INDIAN

Finished this one in 6:25.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-16-22 Playing the Hits Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 78D Upscale watch brand: CITIZEN because I bought a broken Citizen watch a few months ago to try to fix it. It’s a Railroad Approved watch with a 1400 movement. I took it to a local watchmaker to see what it would take to fix it. He returned it to me with a new crystal but said that after he had replaced the crystal he found that the watch was irreparable. I figured there was no loss in me trying to fix it as my first-ever DIY watch repair. It seemed like the stem couldn’t be pushed all the way in, which was why twisting the crown changed the date and day. Maybe cleaning out some stickiness would yield a favorable result?

When I opened it up, I saw the battery loose inside. After a lot of studying it and wondering, I thought maybe there was a piece missing that made contact with the back of the battery. I went to reddit to ask.

A redditor agreed that there was a piece missing that held the battery in place and shared with me the technical manual for the movement.

So I went back to the internet to find that piece.

It’s long out of production, so I looked at ebay and saw another broken watch that has the same movement. I messaged the seller to ask if the piece that was missing from my watch was there, and it was! There were many pieces missing from this ebay watch, but the one I cared about was there.

I popped in that piece, and the second hand started moving! Hooray!

The title of this puzzle is Playing the Hits.

23A THE LADY VANI_ _ _ _ (#2, 1964): SHESNOTTHERE.

29A BILLE (#3, 1972): ILLBEAROUND.

36A x0 (#1, 1985): THEPOWEROFLOVE.


71A LOST, E.G. (#1, 1984): LETSGOCRAZY.




Finished this one in 57:45.