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NYT Spelling Bee 7-28-21 final

The weather here has been absurd. It was record highs and then heavy downpour, and now we’re back to 80 with 60% relative humidity. Tonight that humidity is topped off with cold gusts. Deny climate change all you want, but this isn’t what I grew up with.


Meatier Misses

HIED: Went quickly.
WHIT: A very small part or amount.

Today’s summary

Letters: OAHINOT
Final score: 24 words for 113 points.
Genius minimum: 106 points.
First word: DONATION.

NYT Spelling Bee 7-27-21 final

I learned a thing about how to get the smell out of a nonstick saucepan! Last night Calah made a reduction sauce for chicken and used oregano as an ingredient. The saucepan then smelled like oregano. All I had to do was fill the saucepan with water and top it off with some white vinegar, bring it to a boil, dump it out. No more oregano odor! You are welcome.

Yesterday I missed the pangram, CLICKABLE, ACAI (like always), KICKBACK, LIBELEE, LIKEABLE, and LILAC.

Meatier Misses

BAILEE: A person or party to whom goods are delivered for a purpose, such as custody or repair, without transfer of ownership. I’d expected it to be someone who is bailed out of jail.
ILIAC: Relating to the ilium or the nearby regions of the lower body.

LABILE: technical Liable to change; easily altered.

labile (adj.)

mid-15c., “prone to lapse,” from Latin labilis, from labi “to slip” (see lapse (n.)). Hence, in chemistry, “prone to undergo displacement” (c. 1600).

Today’s summary

Letters: HCDEITW
Final score: 33 words for 151 points.
Genius minimum: 125 points.
First word: HITCHED (18 days away!)
Pangram: TWITCHED.

NYT Spelling Bee 7-26-21 final

Ever have the feeling that you’re going to write your Spelling Bee blog post and then drift off to sleep only to realize that you still have more than 40 points till the genius minimum? No? Well I am reminded again tonight that I don’t know that life.

Yesterday I missed EMBLEM, MELON, MEOW, MEWL, and MOLL.

Meatier Misses

BOMBE: A frozen dome-shaped dessert.

BOWMEN: Archers..

I didn’t know archery was so big in South Korea!

Today’s summary

Letters: IABCEKL
Final score: 37 words for 170 points.
Genius minimum: 162.
First word: ALIBI.
Last word: BALALAIKA.
Pangram: Nooo idea!

NYT Spelling Bee 7-25-21 final

Wow today was humid and hot. I am beat. And wedding planning is still crazy, even though the attendance will be minimal. But they say thunderstorms tomorrow, so yay! Get them out of the way, please!


Meatier Misses



Today’s summary

Letters: MBELNOW
Final score: 19 words for 69
Genius minimum: 66 points.
First word: ENNOBLE.

NYT Spelling Bee 7-24-21

24/7 ALL DAY.


Meatier Misses

DEICE/D: Remove ice from.
DEICIDE: The killing of a god.
EDUCE/D: formal Bring out or develop (something latent or potential)
EIDETIC: Psychology Relating to or denoting mental images having unusual vividness and detail, as if actually visible.

eidetic (adj.)

“pertaining to the faculty of projecting images,” 1924, from German eidetisch, coined by German psychologist Erich Jaensch, from Greek eidetikos “pertaining to images,” also “pertaining to knowledge,” from eidesis “knowledge,” from eidos “form, shape” (see -oid).

Today’s summary

Letters: ICMNOTU
Final score: 26 words for 145 points.
Genius minimum: 145 points.
First word: COMMIT. (21 more days!)

NYT Spelling Bee 7-23-21 final

The end of a long week! Yay! I’ll save time on this intro by just saying that you should watch the The Catalpa Tree Update video in its entirety.


Meatier Misses

CATALPA: A tree with large heart-shaped leaves, clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers, and long, slender seed pods, native to North America and eastern Asia and cultivated as an ornamental.

The video just gets better and better. Watch it all the way through. Maybe speed it up to 2x.

LANTANA: A tropical evergreen shrub of the verbena family, several kinds of which are cultivated as ornamentals.

Like, a REALLY big problem!

PALAPA: A traditional Mexican shelter roofed with palm leaves or branches.
PALATAL: technical Relating to the palate.
PALP: Each of a pair of elongated segmented appendages near the mouth of an arthropod, usually concerned with the senses of touch and taste.
PAPILLA: A small rounded protuberance on a part or organ of the body.
PINTAIL: A mainly migratory duck with a pointed tail.

Today’s summary

Letters: DCEITUV
Final score: 48 words for 226 points.
Genius minimum:
First word: DECEIVE.

NYT Spelling Bee 7-22-21 final

I did not get the pangram today. I could not find it. Very frustrating. I got two-and-a-half-score words, and no pangram.

Yesterday I missed LOLLIPOP, LOLLOP, and POLO.

Meatier Misses

PULI: A sheepdog of a black, gray, or white breed with a long thick coat.

“It can take THREE DAYS for all the cords to dry.” OMG.

PURL: Denoting or relating to a knitting stitch made by putting the needle through the front of the stitch from right to left.
RILL: A small stream.

Today’s summary

Letters: LACINPT
Final score: 50 words for 201 points.
Genius minimum: 197 points.
First word: CALLA.
Pangram: ???????????????

NYT Spelling Bee 7-21-21 final

Today’s Spelling Bee had a much lower point minimum for genius. But somehow it took a lot longer to get there. But a Queen Bee of more than 400 points was truly ridiculous. Also just 24 days to go, Calah!

Yesterday I missed AIRY, ARIA, AVIARY, CIRCA, and PRAY.

Meatier Misses

CARPI: The group of small bones between the main part of the forelimb and the metacarpus in terrestrial vertebrates. The eight bones of the human carpus form the wrist and part of the hand, and are arranged in two rows.

PAPYRI: Papyruses.
PRIAPIC: Relating to or resembling a phallus.

Etymology first and then numismatics!

priapic (adj.)

“phallic; of or relating to the cult and myths of Priapus,” 1786, with -ic + Priapus (Greek Priapos), son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, the god who personified male reproductive power. His name is of unknown origin. Earlier was Priapean (1690s).

There were coins that were made in honor of Priapus:

That’s not a sword. From vcoins.

Today’s summary

Letters: LINOPRU
Final score: 25 words for 70 points.
Genius minimum: 62 points.
First word: PULP.
Pangram: PURLOIN.

NYT Spelling Bee 7-20-21 final

So the Wall Street Journal sent out a disappointing headline.

Why they couldn’t use the any of the following terms: Uighur, Uyghur, genocide, ethnic cleansing, slave, slavery is beyond me. Also the focus should be on the kidnappings, reeducation programs, brainwashing, etc. I remember I first hear of the Uyghur people when I was in my hotel room in Port Ellen, Islay, Scotland. It was heavy news to hear straight from a distillery, but that was two years ago.

Yesterday I missed only three words FIFING, WIGGLING, and WOOING.

Meatier Misses

None. I could have gotten them all.

Today’s summary

Final score: 17 words for 78 points.
Genius minimum: 77 points.
First word: PIRACY.
Pangram: PRIVACY.

NYT Spelling Bee 7-19-21 final

I’ve found the best way to get Calah to read my blog is to have her read it as I type. Otherwise she’ll wait for a month and a half or so for the blog posts to pile up and then take some time to read all of them. This often is when I’m trying to tell her other things. The only way she can get me to stop is by saying she’s reading things I’ve written.

OK she’s gone. I was writing that more for her entertainment. She really does let them pile up, but I only know she’s reading them near me when she starts laughing or sending me pictures of typos that I then correct. It’s good to have her on my side, and by this time next month, she and I will be married.


Meatier Misses

MALEFIC: literary Causing or capable of causing harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means.

malefic (adj.)

“doing mischief, producing disaster or evil,” 1650s, from Latin maleficus “wicked, vicious, criminal,” from male “ill” (see mal-) + -ficus “making, doing,” from combining form of facere “to make, do” (from PIE root *dhe- “to set, put”). Related: Malefical (1610s).

ICEFALL: It’s like snowfall but with ice.

Today’s summary

Letters: IFGLNOW
Final score: 48 words for 301 points.
Final score: 49 words for 310 points.
Additional word: INFILLING.
Final score: 50 words for 311 points.
Additional word: LION.
Final score: 51 words for 318 points.
Additional word: LOGGING.
Final score: 52 words for 326 points.
Additional word: NIGGLING.
Final score: 53 words for 331 points.
Additional word: LINGO.
Final score: 54 words for 338 points.
Additional word: GINNING.
Final score: 55 words for 339 points.
Additional word: LOIN.
Final score: 56 words for 348 points.
Additional word: NONILLION.
Final score: 57 words for 355 points.
Additional word: FOGGING.
Final score: 58 words for 361 points.
Additional word: WILLOW.
Final score: 59 words for 366 points.
Additional word: IGLOO.
Final score: 61 words for 381 points.
Additional words: WINNOW and WINNOWING.
Final score: 62 words for 382 points.
Additional word: OLIO.
Final score: 63 words for 389 points.
Additional word: WOOFING.
Final score: 64 words for 396 points.
Additional word: LOLLING.
Final score: 65 words for 397 points.
Additional word: INFO.
Final score: 66 words for 404 points.
Additional word: ONGOING.
Genius minimum: 297 points.

I kept pushing, and if I can’t get to Queen Bee with 107 points above genius minimum, what am I even doing?

First word: FOLLOWING.