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NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-23-22 Turns of Phrase Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 18A Scorpion, for one: ARACHNIDS because I hadn’t realized that scorpions are arachnids. I had thought that scorpions only have six legs.

From Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo.

But as is clear from this picture, scorpions have eight legs. Wow is that an ugly animal.

The title of this puzzle is Turns of Phrase.

21A Artists sketching pectorals?: DRAWERSOFCHESTS.
33A Vow to remain mum about hotel guests’ secrets?: HONOROFMAIDS.
52A Small distance covered by a naval armada?: FOOTOFFLEET.
73A Boxer lacking a left hook?: MANOFRIGHTS. Extra funny because man of right or mano frights?
89A What brass band music has?: PLENTYOFHORN.
107A Tree feature in winter?: ABSENCEOFLEAVES.
14D What a dog walker and a strong-willed pooch might vie for?: COMMANDOFCHAIN.
45D The Bee Gees’ Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb?: BROTHERSOFBAND.

It’s a turn of phrase of a turn of phrase. You gotta turn the turn of phrase around to get the turn of phrase we know to be the way the phrase is turned.


Finished this one in 33:57.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-16-22 Playing the Hits Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 78D Upscale watch brand: CITIZEN because I bought a broken Citizen watch a few months ago to try to fix it. It’s a Railroad Approved watch with a 1400 movement. I took it to a local watchmaker to see what it would take to fix it. He returned it to me with a new crystal but said that after he had replaced the crystal he found that the watch was irreparable. I figured there was no loss in me trying to fix it as my first-ever DIY watch repair. It seemed like the stem couldn’t be pushed all the way in, which was why twisting the crown changed the date and day. Maybe cleaning out some stickiness would yield a favorable result?

When I opened it up, I saw the battery loose inside. After a lot of studying it and wondering, I thought maybe there was a piece missing that made contact with the back of the battery. I went to reddit to ask.

A redditor agreed that there was a piece missing that held the battery in place and shared with me the technical manual for the movement.

So I went back to the internet to find that piece.

It’s long out of production, so I looked at ebay and saw another broken watch that has the same movement. I messaged the seller to ask if the piece that was missing from my watch was there, and it was! There were many pieces missing from this ebay watch, but the one I cared about was there.

I popped in that piece, and the second hand started moving! Hooray!

The title of this puzzle is Playing the Hits.

23A THE LADY VANI_ _ _ _ (#2, 1964): SHESNOTTHERE.

29A BILLE (#3, 1972): ILLBEAROUND.

36A x0 (#1, 1985): THEPOWEROFLOVE.


71A LOST, E.G. (#1, 1984): LETSGOCRAZY.




Finished this one in 57:45.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-9-22 Food for Thought Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 21A Hurting more: ACHIER because that’s how I’ve been the last couple days. I’ve been in the process of making a planter for Calah for her succulents, and I’ve been slaving away at the table saw. The table saw probably is a bit too low. Then yesterday I did a lot of cleanup around our home, which meant moving things from place to place and bending over and squatting down and stuff. Ugh. The soreness hasn’t stopped.

The title of this puzzle is Food for Thought.

24A Carmen McRae or Anita O’Day, notably: JAZZVOCALISTS -> (J)(A)(Z)(Z)VOCALISTS.
32A Endpoint of a Shinto pilgrimage: MOUNTFUJI -> MOUNT(F)(U)(J)(I).
69A Birthplace of five U.S. presidents, with “the”: EMPIRESTATE -> (E)(M)(P)(I)(R)(E)STATE.
85A Start of some conventional wisdom: WHENINROME -> WHENIN(R)(O)(M)(E).

98D Who was famously hit over the head with inspiration?: NEWTON.
116A Scientific contribution from 98-Down, discovered in a manner suggested by this puzzle’s theme: LAWOFGRAVITY. The story goes that Newton was hit by a falling apple and was like, ‘Whoa. Gravity.” Jazz apples, Fuji apples, Empire apples, Rome apples. How ’bout dem?

Finished this one in 36:21.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-2-22 Color Mixing Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 41D Wood in some incense: CEDAR because I’m in the process of making a cedar planter for Calah. She has been talking about a planter for a while because her succulents are individually potted, and planters are better. I picked up some cedar from House of Hardwood the other day, along with a bunch of other wood for projects. Some say that cedar planters need a liner. Others say cedar planters do not need a liner. If it needs a liner, I have to buy more wood. If it doesn’t, I can finish it tomorrow.

The title of this puzzle is Color Mixing. It’s an anagrams theme.

21A CERISE + LAVENDER = certain baby animals: REINDEERCALVES.
32A CORAL + GOLD = pet store purchase: DOGCOLLAR.
46A AMBER + GREEN = imported brew: GERMANBEER.
52A PEAR + CRIMSON = fighting group: MARINECORPS.
60A LIME + MAGENTA = visualization: MENTALIMAGE.
74A RUST + SCARLET = celestial group: STARCLUSTER.
83A CREAM + PEACH = nonviolent protest: PEACEMARCH.
94A TEAL + OCHER = breakfast option: HOTCEREAL.
107A MAUVE + TANGERINE = restaurant handout: VEGETARIANMENU.

Finished this one in 38:40.

Pest Control NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-26-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 43A New York City transport stopping at Kennedy Airport: ATRAIN because I have taken this train to get to JFK. This is not a difficult or notable clue for those familiar with NYC, but I’ve been to NYC three times, and one of those times was when I was 12. The second time I was there was on my way back from Birthright in 2015. I took the A Train back to JFK. The third time was when I was in New York and New Jersey for a wedding in New Jersey. I ended up taking a Lyft from Fairlawn to JFK. I absolutely did spend time in New York while I was on that trip and stayed with a good buddy of mine when I was in NYC. So don’t come at with me you were in New Jersey not in New York. I was in both.

The title of this puzzle is Pest Control.

22A One wearing chapstick, perhaps: HORSEBACKRIDER.
32A Antarctic coordinate: NORTHPOLE.
51A Blouse and broach, perhaps: PUBLICHOUSE.
65A It has many beet and beef options: TRUEFALSETEST.
96A Pop fly: SOFTDRINK.
37D Antelope, say: GETHITCHED.
47D Approach for directions: GOOGLEMAPS.

113A Gradually fix something … or what to do to understand this puzzle’s italicized clues?: WORKOUTHEBUGS.

22A One wearing chapstick [-TICK], perhaps: HORSEBACKRIDER.
32A Antarctic [-ANT] coordinate: NORTHPOLE.
51A Blouse [-LOUSE] and broach, perhaps: PUBLICHOUSE.
65A It has many beet [-BEE] and beef [-BEE] options: TRUEFALSETEST.
96A Pop fly [-FLY]: SOFTDRINK.
37D Antelope [-ANT], say: GETHITCHED.
47D Approach [-ROACH] for directions: GOOGLEMAPS.

Finished this one in 38:35.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-19-21 Season to Taste Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 58A “The One I Love” band: REM because I haven’t listened to REM in a while, and that streak needs to end. And on the topic of streaks, my NYTXW streak is now at 82 and not at 1. But since I finished late, the dumb system is giving me a one-day streak. You’ll see tomorrow that it’s back on track.

The title of this puzzle is Season to Taste.

23A Little tyke / Flatter, with “up”: PEANUT🔔BUTTER.
6D It was eliminated from the U.S. in 2004: RU🔔A -> RUBELLA.
33A Relative of a tee-hee / Bit of marginalia: SNICKER🤍DOODLE.
36D Genuine: 🤍FELT -> HEARTFELT.
43A Pep / Onesie feature: GINGER🎄SNAP.
40D Some graffiti: S🎄TART -> STREETART.
52A Ring / Hold, as inhabitants: TOLL💸HOUSE.
48D Citrus hybrid: T💸O -> TANGELO.
69A Reduce in volume / As new: THIN⭐MINT.
58D Where to go on a trip?: RE⭐EA -> RESTAREA.
85A Kind of leaf / Scientist born on Christmas Day in 1642: FIG🧝‍♂️NEWTON.
56D Personal essence: TRUES🧝‍♂️ -> TRUESELF.
93A Possible result of getting one’s wires crossed / Moolah: SHORT🏑BREAD.
102A Breakfast dish / Fruitcake tidbit: OATMEAL🕺RAISIN.
88D More than enough: TOO🕺Y -> TOOMANY.

116A This puzzle’s images, in two different ways: COOKIECUTTER. Because the shapes are cookie cutters, and the shapes cut the cookies in half.

Finished this one in 31:26.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-12-21 Job Sharing Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 109A Person with lots to show: REALTOR for two reasons. First reason is that I don’t know why some people say realitor instead of realtor. It’s always as jarring as it is wrong. The second reason is that the National Association of Realtors is the biggest lobbying spender. TheHill reported in January that the NAR spent $84 million on lobbying for the top spot, edging out the US Chamber of Commerce, which spent only $82 million. Now tell me how you feel about the $72.6 million the next three spent: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America ($26m), The American Hospital Association ($23.6m), and Blue Cross/Blue Shield ($22.6m). I haven’t looked much into this, but these numbers can’t possibly be anywhere close to the amount these groups spend on politicians. Of course, insurance premiums are going up in 2022.

The title of this puzzle is Job Sharing.

23A Side hustle for a hairstylist?: LOCKSMITH. Because hairstylists deal with locks of hair. I have a haircut set for Thursday morning. I’m at the point where my hair is all over the place, and if I don’t get a haircut soon, it’s bad. Hooray for foresight that I have one scheduled for when I need it!
34A Side hustle for a veterinarian?: LABSPECIALIST. Because vets treat Labradors.

50A Side hustle for a therapist?: BAGGAGEHANDLERS. Because sometimes you need that help carrying everything.
67A Side hustle for an anesthesiologist?: OUTPATIENTCOORDINATOR. Kinda annoyed at this one because it’s in a related field.

87A Side hustle for a carpenter?: NAILTECHNICIAN. Manicures are important for some, but speed squares are important for everyone. Even if they don’t know how it affects their lives. It’s an important tool.

101A Side hustle for a marriage counselor?: CIVILENGINEER. Is there really a thing as a civil marriage anyway lolololol. I’m gonna get in trouble for that one.
118A Side hustle for a drill instructor?: BASECOACH. Don’t miss a sign. Ever.

Finished this one in 45:41.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-5-21 Come Again? Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 20A With 116-Down, artificial intelligence system that mimics the human brain: NEURAL NET because If you are unfamiliar with Janelle Shane‘s AI Weirdness blog, you are missing out.

She trains her neural net on data and then lets it go. She then changes some parameters and sees what it kicks out. She posts some amazing content like AI-Generated Food Trucks, which includes:

Pasta by the 5th Tree

How Porsche’s waswolf dog shifted to earth. A literal bed of pasta (turned inside out) is served at this pizza truck booth.

They You

Turbo treat and funnel cake awaited anyone accepting the sign. A collection of assorted cardboard tiles.

Bubble Doodle Babies

For the whole family, have your meal of bubble-dumplings in Cinnamon’s Tower.

Dumplings Rope

Anyone who has ever broken the chain should clear their room. Buy enough spare chains so that you need the bag of unbroken chains at least 45 times again.

AI Weirdness AI-Generated Food Trucks

Come Again? is the name of this puzzle.

72A … COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL …: ADINIFINITUM. For sure my favorite of all the theme clues.

Annoyed note: Two days in a row KATANA is an answer.

Finished this one in 38:19.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 11-28-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 33D Pin point?: LAPEL because I routinely wear two lapel pins when I wear a suit. Most frequently I wear a suit to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. When I go, I wear my magician member pin and a pin that another magician member friend of mine gave to me about a year ago. That second pin is of a hand and a card fan. It’s really cool both in its appearance and its meaning. Nader Hanna is immensely nice and a wonderful performer.

The puzzle’s title is Garage Sale Pitches.

23A TV, volume knob broken, only $10!: CANTTURNTHATDOWN.
43A Baseball mitt, has a small hole, just $1!: DROPEVERYTHING.
68A Guitar, never used, $15!: NOSTRINGSATTACHED. I don’t know of any guitars that come not pre-strung.
91A Textbook, a few pages torn out, $2!: LIMITEDEDITION. As long as it’s not the cover because stripped books are no joke.
114A Two fish tanks, accessories included, $5!: ROCKBOTTOMPRICES.

Finished this one in 34:59.

NYT Crossword Puzzle 11-21-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 98D Shower times: APRILS because I like to make the joke when it rains in April that Thanksgiving is the following month. Because April showers bring Mayflowers. But this month is November, and Thanksgiving is toward the end of this week. Thank you to all my readers. May this 411-day streak continue ad infinitum.

The title of this puzzle is Screen Sharing.

23A Salma Hayek: 1996, 2002: FROMDUSKTILLDAWN.
31A Dev Patel: 2008, 2016: SLUMDOGMILLIONAIRE.
50A Brad Pitt: 2001, 1995: OCEANSELEVEN.
68A Owen Wilson: 2005, 2006: WEDDINGCRASHERS.
86A Joaquin Phoenix: 2014, 2013: INHERENTVICE.
102A Al Pacino and Robert De Niro: 1974, 1995 (twice!): THEGODFATHERPARTII.
116A Modern tech feature for watching two programs on one screen … or an alternative title for this puzzle: PICTUREINPICTURE.

Finished this one in 23:26.

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