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NYT Spelling Bee 8-4-20

This started out fun but got to be a lot. In the bad way. For a while I was stuck at 49 words for 177 points, and I was struggling to get the pangram. I realize that there may be more than one pangram overall, but my goal is to get to genius with a pangram, which is something I’ve done since I started posting the Spelling Bee here. Finally I got the/a pangram. And it was so dumb! Nobody uses that word! Now I’m stuck at 51 words for 190 points. I have to get to 216 points.

I say that and feel like I’m Josh Lyman and wheezing, “I have to get to Nashua!” I’m not going to waste my entire day trying to get those 26 points, and he definitely did not have to go to Nashua.