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Watch out for Shills #NoOnProp22 #lyft #uber

The day before I posted about my disdain for the way Lyft has been marketing California Proposition 22, I posted a tweet asking if I understood it properly. The responses I got were encouraging.

That’s not to say that the responses were in agreement with my belief that Prop 22 is bad; rather, they were statements to the contrary.

My original tweet a week ago

But the content of these supporters of Prop 22 seems to be indicative of shilling for Lyft and Uber–at least to me.

Let’s go through the responses:

As driver I use Uber to earn income and go to school at the same time. I often drive elderly and handicapped people during the day. Prop 22 keeps driver flexibility, provides guaranteed wage and takes the decision out of politicians hands. Please vote Yes on 22.

This sounds like a stock answer. Too much of a stock answer to be real.

The account was opened in February 2013, but posts only started recently. And of the 20 tweets as of this blog post, half of them are dedicated to Prop 22 support. And of those 10, three are to me.

After I point out that they don’t necessarily care about him and his conveyance of those stated to be at the highest risk of extreme negative effects of Coronavirus (while another of his tweets supports indoor worship during the pandemic) but about food delivery, which they’re not shutting down, and I link to the Eater article: https://sf.eater.com/2020/8/13/21366650/ubers-california-shutdown-uber-eats-injunction-prop-22-ab5

We go back and forth a little, and I remain unconvinced. He runs out of content.

But then there’s a reply from someone else that’s quickly liked by the first guy:

Because , it is a solid step towards abolitioshing ab5. One of the main target of AB5 was these companies. Currently there are so many carve outs that getting app workers carved out would make this law almost useless

Clearly this does not look like professionally drafted text, but this account was opened this month. Already it has posted 243 tweets. And they all seem to be related to supporting Prop 22.

This should bother you as much as it bothers me because it’s a scam.

When Lyft ceases operations of ride sharing services in California in about 11 hours, it’s yet another play to jerk us around. This is Big Business Bullying. Don’t stand for it. Don’t give in. Don’t fall for shills.

Remember to Vote NO on Prop 22.