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NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-29-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 27A It’s a little longer than a foot: SHOE because I was going back and forth in my mind between SOCK and SHOE. I put SHOE in and never had to change, but SOCK could work. And now that you bring up socks, I bought some more smartwool socks today. They’ll arrive in the new year. But smartwool socks are amazing. Highly recommend for the cold months. And with the rain in Los Angeles right now being measured in the INCHES plural, it’s a crazy, crazy world. Be safe out there!

This is from 5:31pm. Now it’s 9:43pm. More rain has happened.


17A Lettered awards show host?: EMMYEMCEE. M-E-M-C
30A Lettered adversary in a battle of wits?: CAGEYENEMY. K-G-N-M-E
49A Lettered home on the range when no one’s home?: EMPTYTEPEE. M-T-T-P
65A Lettered school paper that’s a snap to write?: EASYESSAY. E-Z-S-A

Figuring that out before finishing it helped me solve other clues.

Finished this one in 12:20.