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NYT Spelling Bee 9-13-20 final

I crossed the plane with TUTTI.

That reminds me of a story from college:

My college roommate Darren and I were walking from our dorm to the dining commons across campus for late night food, as that was the only one open for a meal close to midnight.

As we walked on the path past the lagoon on the UCSB campus, Darren seemingly out of nowhere said, “Tutti frutti.”

This seemed out of character because I had not heard Darren say that before, talkative as he might be.

I asked for clarification. He gestured to a cardboard box.

“Tutti Frutti,” he repeated.

“Oh,” I said, having only then seen the packages label.

To our disappointment, the box was empty. But we continued on to dine on soft serve, grilled cheese, fries, etc.

That led to our investigation into the name of the flavor. It was brief. It just means all fruits.

Final score: 25 words for 117 points.

Next puzzle starts in a minute.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-13-20

That TAURI isn’t an acceptable word is a lot of bulls!

With ULTRA in there, it would seem like possibilities are endless. But they’re not.

I’m at 20 words for 104 points.

The smoke from the fires is getting to me. My eyes hurt. My head aches. I gotta power through this one, but it’s so much tougher than it should be.

NYT Spelling Bee 9-6-20 final

So much angry at this one. Normal words omitted and countries, demonyms, and languages galore.

Really frustrating was that they rejected ALII and ALIA.


Final score: 39 words for 171 points.

NYT Spelling Bee 8-23-20

Today’s is messing me up, so I’m hoping for a breakthrough. Right now I have 30 words for 132 points, and I don’t have the pangram. There may be more than one pangram today. I don’t know. Nothing I’ve tried so far has worked. I haven’t yet talked to my sister (twitter.com/raablauren) about the puzzle.

Today’s genius level is 179. I don’t know how I’m going to make up 47 points.

NYT Spelling Bee 8-22-20 final

Done in a rush job, but I got there. The pangram today was BOYCOTTED, and I was going to say that I have a story about this, but I’ve written it already in a post for a crossword puzzle. In short, Boycott was a dude in Ireland who was a bad landlord. Tenants stopped paying rent altogether, all together.