Scream (1996) Drinking Game

My wife recently asked me if I wanted to watch “Scream,” since there is a sixth film coming out. I answered with an honest “no.” But this wasn’t what she was really asking. She wanted to watch it. Would I join her? Yeah. I’d do that. But we’d need a drinking game.


Take a sip every time someone mentions the name “Ghostface.”
Take a sip whenever Sidney Prescott receives a threatening phone call.
Drink whenever a character mentions a horror movie or makes a reference to one.
Whenever Ghostface appears on screen, take a big gulp.
Take a sip whenever a character is killed.
Drink whenever the characters discuss the “rules” of surviving a horror movie.
Take a sip whenever Dewey is shown limping or mentions his injury.
Whenever the killer is revealed, finish your drink.
If you correctly guess the identity of the killer before it’s revealed, everyone else takes a shot.
Finish your drink if Sidney manages to successfully fight off the killer.

Always be safe while drinking. Don’t drink alcohol to excess. There may be better games out there, but this one works!

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