NYT Spelling Bee 11-23-20 final

Hello from Day 5 of the current California COVID curfew!

It took a little bit of time for me to get the pangram for this spelling bee, but I got there.

If I’d kept going, I imagine I’d have found CANYON, COPAY, YAHOO

I probably wouldn’t have gotten: AHOY (which is a shame because cool), ANYHOO, or PAPACY.

As a standalone word, HYPO: The chemical sodium thiosulphate (formerly called hyposulphite) used as a photographic fixer. Because photography clues are so relevant right now. Which makes me wonder why we haven’t heard of more quarantine darkrooms. If people are making sourdough, why don’t people set up darkrooms and take pictures with film they can develop at home? It seems like a logical next step.

I stopped today at genius partly because I could get the screenshot on my computer and partly because there was more that I wanted to do with my day.

Final score: 32 words for 139 points.
Genius minimum: 131 points.
First word: ACCOUNTANT
Final word: OCCUPANT

This one was a real shame!

Lauren pointed this one out:

And, of course, if you get your badge and gun right out of school, you might be a

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