NYT Spelling Bee 7-21-21 final

Today’s Spelling Bee had a much lower point minimum for genius. But somehow it took a lot longer to get there. But a Queen Bee of more than 400 points was truly ridiculous. Also just 24 days to go, Calah!

Yesterday I missed AIRY, ARIA, AVIARY, CIRCA, and PRAY.

Meatier Misses

CARPI: The group of small bones between the main part of the forelimb and the metacarpus in terrestrial vertebrates. The eight bones of the human carpus form the wrist and part of the hand, and are arranged in two rows.

PAPYRI: Papyruses.
PRIAPIC: Relating to or resembling a phallus.

Etymology first and then numismatics!

priapic (adj.)

“phallic; of or relating to the cult and myths of Priapus,” 1786, with -ic + Priapus (Greek Priapos), son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, the god who personified male reproductive power. His name is of unknown origin. Earlier was Priapean (1690s).

There were coins that were made in honor of Priapus:

That’s not a sword. From vcoins.

Today’s summary

Letters: LINOPRU
Final score: 25 words for 70 points.
Genius minimum: 62 points.
First word: PULP.
Pangram: PURLOIN.

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