WSJ Crossword Puzzle Monday Tradition 11-1-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 26D Turned to liquid: MELTED because it reminds me of a day when I was driving to the Magic Castle and was eating some kind of snack that had bits of chocolate in it. I wasn’t too far away when I turned the bag or wrapper and all kinds of chocolate dust fell on my suit and on my car seat. This was bad because I was wearing the only suit that kinda fit me, and I was never going to really get melted chocolate out. So I changed course a little and went to a self-operated car wash on Santa Monica and vacuumed out my car and got rid of all the chocolate debris. I was lucky to have been able to do that in time, or it would have been sad times for me for a while. Now, of course, I have many suits from Indochino, and they fit me way better than this off-the-rack one ever did.

The title of this puzzle is Monday Tradition.

I don’t know why this title is applicable. I’m trying to figure it out but can’t at the moment.

20A Be carried away by the tide: WASHOUTTOSEA.
31A “Hold your horses”: HANGONASEC.
48A Drink that may be shaken: DRYMARTINI.
56A Where a guest may sleep: FOLDOUTCOUCH.

Ah just got it. It’s about laundry: WASH, HANG, DRY, FOLD.

But why Monday Tradition? Do people tend to do laundry on Monday?

Finished this one in 7:09.

DayThis WkBestAverage4-Wk AvgStreak

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