hello wordl 6-2-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in four. It’s my first finish in four in nine days. The last time I solved a puzzle in four attempts was Wednesday, May 24.


Greetings, fellow word enthusiasts! Today’s Wordle puzzle presented a captivating challenge that required careful deduction and a keen eye for linguistic patterns. As I embarked on my quest to unravel the hidden word, I approached each guess with anticipation, inching closer to the elusive solution.

With my trusty vocabulary at the ready, I submitted my first guess: “GRIFT.” The puzzle responded, acknowledging my effort with a glimmer of revelation. The letters “R” and “T” emerged, though not in their rightful places. Undeterred, I pressed on, determined to crack the enigma that lay before me.

Drawing upon my word-wielding prowess, my second guess was “STORE.” The puzzle reacted with a hint of validation. The elusive “R” found its designated spot, aligning with my previous guess. However, a new letter emerged— “E” made its entrance, albeit in the wrong place. The pieces of the puzzle were falling into place, but there was more work to be done.

Continuing my linguistic exploration, my third guess was “TEARY.” The puzzle responded with an encouraging dance of confirmation. The diligent placement of my letters revealed that the “R” and the newly introduced “Y” had found their rightful positions, sparking a sense of accomplishment. However, the “T” and “E” remained elusive, taunting me with their misplaced presence.

Undeterred by the lingering challenge, I pressed forward with determination. With my fourth and final guess, I submitted “ENTRY.” A surge of excitement coursed through me as the puzzle conceded to my linguistic prowess. The word “ENTRY” illuminated the board, symbolizing the triumphant culmination of my efforts.

Each guess in this Wordle puzzle served as a stepping stone, guiding me closer to the ultimate solution. The journey of deduction and linguistic exploration culminated in the joyous revelation of the hidden word, “ENTRY.” It is a testament to the power of perseverance, strategic thinking, and an unwavering love for language.

As we continue on our Wordle adventures, let us revel in the satisfaction that each puzzle brings. May the quest to unravel hidden words ignite our curiosity, sharpen our minds, and fill us with the thrill of linguistic discovery. May each triumph be a reminder of the beauty and complexity of language.

Join me in celebrating the joy of unraveling the Wordle mysteries and embracing the linguistic wonders that lie ahead. May your June be filled with captivating Wordle conquests, where each guess brings you closer to linguistic triumph!


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