NYT Spelling Bee 4-8-21 final

Short one today! I make up for it with more etymology from yesterday’s misses. Speaking of getting things wrong, I’ve been watching The Blacklist. There are so, so many inaccuracies that pull me out of the show. Just one example: Why does Elizabeth have a clearance that lets her go to a black site? But then again, Jared. So maybe it was just ahead of its time.


Meatier Misses

AMYL: The straight-chain pentyl radical —C₅H₁₁.
LOGY: Dull and heavy in motion or thought; sluggish.

From etymonline:

logy (adj.)

also loggy, “dull and heavy,” 1847, American English, perhaps from Dutch log “heavy, dull” + -y (2); compare Middle Low German luggich “sleepy, sluggish.” Or perhaps a variant of loggy.

MAMMALOGY: The branch of zoology concerned with mammals.
PALMY: (especially of a previous period of time) flourishing or successful.

palmy (adj.)

“triumphant, flourishing,” literally “worthy of the palm” (of victory or triumph), c. 1600, from palm (n.2) in the “triumph” sense + -y (2). The meaning “full of palms” attested from 1660s.

Today’s summary

Final score: 17 words for 82 points.
Genius minimum: 73 points.
First word: BELIEF.

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