NYT Spelling Bee 7-7-21 final

Two years ago today, Calah and I went on our first date at a small café in the Valley. She thought I lived in the Valley, so this small place wasn’t far away from me. I very much did not live in the Valley and never intend to, but it was worth it to me to drive all the way out there to meet her. And it was! Happy two years together, Calah!

Yesterday I missed three words. Three words short of Queen Bee. MEET and METE. And…

Meatier Misses

MOTET: A short piece of sacred choral music, typically polyphonic and unaccompanied.

motet (n.)

“choral composition on a sacred text, intended to be sung in a Church service,” late 14c., from Old French motet (13c.), diminutive of mot “word” (see mot), or from Medieval Latin motetum, diminutive of motto.

Today’s summary

Letters: HGILNRT
Final score: 20 words for 128 points.
Genius minimum: 125 points.

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